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Fantastical creatures begin to appear in the city of San Francisco and a professor and his estranged cryptozoologist brother must team together to get to the bottom of this phenomenon. Greg Erb and...
Movie based on Ray Bradbury's novel of the same name. Bradbury reportedly wanted Ron Howard to direct the movie, but will it up the producers to sort things out.
Members of an all-female spy agency travels around the world to recover ancient artifacts.
This is a series reboot of the Daredevil movies starring Ben Affleck as the title character. David Slade attached to direct from a script by Brad Caleb Kane. It is said that the reboot will follow...
A young woman travels the world to collect teeth for her father.
Found footage thriller about some tornado chasers and what's really in those tornados.
Remake of Seijun Suzuki's 1963 Youth of the Beast, this update follows a westerner as he is pulled into the world of the Yakuza.
Dead Island is a global brand first introduced through a teaser trailer that told the story of a family on vacation at a tropical resort who is besieged by zombies. Told in a stark, non-linear...
Tim Miller is attached to direct "Deadpool," with Ryan Reynolds as the title character. Fox has not announced a start date or a release date so "Deadpool" appears to be on the backburner at the...
A 7-year-old girl sent a postcard to Santa asking for him to bring her toys. She misspelled Santa's name and the postcard is delivered to Satan instead.
Joe Carnahan will write and direct this remake of 1974 movie of the same name that starred Charles Bronson. The remake, according to Frank Grillo, will focus on the relationship between two brothers...
A professor studies the dark arts so he can bring back his daughter from the dead.
Sean Bean will play Detective Benny Griessel from Deon Meyer's novels.
A gangster film set in London during the 1960s. The movie may shoot in 2013.
The new film is a celebration of one of the most beloved movies of all time. Paying tribute to the emotional excitement of first love, the thrills and complexity of sexual awakening, the soul...
Movie based on Lois Duncan's novel. A student named Kit Gordy must unravel the mysteries of her new boarding school before she shares the fate of her deceased schoolmates.
Children book movie about a team of dragonologists who set out to stop a plot to use dragons to wipe out humanity.
Paramount wants to remake Frank Herbert's "Dune," but after four years of trying to make it work, a new "Dune" movie may happen with another studio since Paramount no longer have the option to the...
Sequel to David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises starring Viggo Mortensen and Naomi Watts.
An overzealous secret service agent is demoted to protect the former President of the United States, who is a bumbling sleaze. When the ex-president's life is in danger, they have to go on the run....
While on a trip to Mexico, a family's patriarch is mistaken for a ruthless drug lord.
Katherine Heigl stars as a psychologist who is afflicted with an illness causing her not to remember faces. Not only that, a man begins stalking some of her patients.
Adaptation of the children's picture book.
A remake of the 1966 movie of the same name, "Fantastic Voyage" is about a group of scientists who injects themselves into the body of an ill colleague. Shawn Levy is attached to direct the remake....
Based on a book by Buzz Bissinger.
A human boy travels around the galaxy with a robot in search of mankind's origin.
A biopic about Pam Grier.
Third G.I. Joe movie.
A low budget horror movie about three myth busters going to New Orleans to debunk a video of a vampire's execution.
A restaurant critic assumes the identity of a rich widow for her work. Paul Feig is attached to direct.
Sequel to "Waiting to Exhale."
Movie adaptation of Ubisoft's video game series.
Sequel to "Ghostbusters 2." Bill Murray refuses to do the movie, so it's possible they'll move forward without him. But since Murray is one of the four principals to have script approval, it's...
Movie about Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon, and Carole King and how they shaped the feminist movement. Taylor Swift is in talks to play singer Joni Mitchell.
When garden gnomes start disappearing, Gnomeo and Juliet enlist Sherlock Gnomes to find out what happened to them.
A movie about Ford and Ferrari competing for sports car supremacy in the '60s.