Seeking Justice

R / 105mins / Action-Adventure, Thriller / March 16, 2012 (Limited)
Seeking Justice

A happily married family man's quiet life is turned upside-down when his wife is brutally attacked one night while leaving work.

The husband unwittingly pulls himself into a dangerous underground vigilante operation after agreeing to an intriguing offer for a stranger to exact vengeance on his wife's attacker.

While continuing to protect his wife from the truth, he quickly discovers that his quest for justice could lead to frightening and deadly consequences.

"Seeking Justice" stars Guy Pearce, Harrold Perrineau, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, and Nicolas Cage.

Directed by Roger Donaldson.
Written by Robert Tannen.
Produced by James D. Stern, Ram Bergman, and Tobey Maguire.
Production company/distributor: Anchor Bay Films.

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