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A large earthquake hits California.
A group of boy scouts tries to save the girl scouts from zombies.
In the late ‘60s, two celebrated producers, who were struck by his soulful melodies and prophetic lyrics, discovered a musician in a Detroit bar. They recorded an album that they believed was going...
A man nearing death transfers his mind into a younger body, but that body carries with it the baggage of its former life.
A 12-year-old boy, whose parents are in the process of divorcing, forms an unlikely friendship with the retiree next door.
Scott, a complete degenerate and family outcast, returns home on horseback hoping to make amends. Unfortunately his brother's wife Katherine, who is also Scott's former high school sweetheart, gets...
Patrick Wilson (Insidious), Ed Helms (The Hangover trilogy), Chris Pine (Star Trek Into Darkness) and Brooklyn Decker (What to Expect When You’re Expecting) star in Universal Pictures’ STRETCH, an...
A widow enlists the help of the town sheriff to take revenge on the sheep ranchers who have murdered her husband. The movie will shoot in July 2012.