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An assassin must live with the consequences of not killing one of his intended targets.
Sequel to Pacific Rim.
Based on Milton's epic poem, "Paradise Lost" is about Lucifer's failed rebellion against God and his role in the fall of Adam and Eve. Warner Bros delayed production of the movie in order to trim the...
Al Pacino stars as the late Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. The movie is based on Joe Posnanski's biography of Paterno.
A modern-day fairy tale about a school that shapes princesses into warriors to fight a coven of witches. Reese Witherspoon may take a supporting role.
After being told many stories about an orphanage for special children, a teenager sets out to look for it. When he found it, he discovers it may not be abandoned.
Movie about the Mexican holiday Dia De Los Muertos.
Biopic about Playboy magazine's flamboyant founder Hugh Hefner.
A law student explores his wide side with a mysterious woman who has her own designs on him.
Reboot of the 1980 comedy of the same name.
Adaptation of comic book series.
Sequel to the found footage party film "Project X". Michael Bacall is currently writing the treatment for the sequel.
The story is under wraps but after seeing a 10-min demo by Arvind Palep, Universal is impressed enough to develop it into a feature.