The Devil's Knot

114mins / Drama / May 09, 2014 (Limited)

Based on the work of journalist Mara Leveritt, "Devil's Knot" is about the brutal murders of three 8-year old boys and the three teenagers accused and convicted of the murders. After spending 18 years in prision, the three men where finally released in 2011. The movie is shooting in June 2012.

"The Devil's Knot" stars Alessandro Nivola, Brian Howe, Bruce Greenwood, Colin Firth, Kevin Durand, Kristopher Higgins, Matt Letscher, Mireille Enos, Reese Witherspoon, and Robert Baker.

Directed by Atom Egoyan.
Written by Paul Harris Boardman and Scott Derrickson.
Produced by Christopher Woodrow, Clark Peterson, Elizabeth Fowler, and Richard Saperstein.

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