The Big Wedding

R / 90mins / Comedy / April 26, 2013 (Wide)
The Big Wedding

Written and directed by Justin Zackham (THE BUCKET LIST), the film centers around Don (De Niro) and Ellie (Keaton), a long divorced couple being forced to pretend that they are still happily married at their son’s wedding. Among all of their family and friends, the hoax snowballs into a poignant and raucously funny story about the ties that bind.

"The Big Wedding" stars Amanda Seyfried, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Robert De Niro, Robin Williams, Susan Sarandon, and Topher Grace.

Directed by Justin Zackham.
Written by Justin Zackham.
Produced by Clay Pecorin, Harry Ufland, Justin Zackham, and Richard Salvatore.
Production company/distributor: Lionsgate.

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