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1950 is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning dispatches by New York Herald Tribune correspondent Marguerite Higgins. The budget for the movie is estimated to be $100 million. Production is scheduled...
Four down-on-their-luck women enlist a local prostitute to help them with their fledging phone sex business. The movie is scheduled to shoot this summer 2012.
Based on Stephen King's short story.
Based on a script by Terry Jones and Gavin Scott, "Absolutely Anything" is about a group of aliens (voiced by the Monty Python members) who endowed a human with powers to do anything he wants. All...
Movie based on the video game of the same name. This project has a good chance of staying in development hell.
Movie adaptation of Ubisoft's hit video game. Word on the street is that Ubisoft's deal with Sony gives the game maker a lot of control over the movie, even a clause saying they can shut down...
Sharon Stone stars a married woman who had a one night stand with a student. That student ended up dating her daughter and stalking her family.
A pair of recently deceased ghosts must stop a spirit army from take over the world.
A group of teenagers accidentally released an evil spirit that goes on to possess them one by one.
Seth Grahame-Smith is writing the script. Michael Keaton is expected to reprise the role of Beetlejuice.
Remake of Ben-Hur that will focus more on the relationship between Ben-Hur and Messala.
Marilyn Monroe biopic based on the book by Joyce Carol Oates.
The next James Bond movie after "Skyfall." Even though there is no word yet on the 24th Bond movie, we do know that Daniel Craig will return as 007 since he's in talks to star in 5 more Bond movies...
"Bridget Jones's Baby" is the second sequel to "Bridget Jones's Diary," starring Renee Zellweger as the title character. Colin Firth and Hugh Grant return to reprise their roles. Peter Cattaneo is...
Gerard Butler plays a small-time thief who partners with a female cat burglar to pull off a diamond heist.
A love story that takes place in a futuristic world.
An ATF agent was framed and sent to prison. When he is released, he wants revenge against the man who'd framed him: his former partner at the ATF.
A live-action/animation hybrid adaptation Norman Bridwell's children's books.
An inventor created a time machine and messed up the time line. He and his sister are determine put things right again.
A young mechanic wants to leave his hometown Cut Bank, but his efforts to do so will land him in trouble. Production will begin in the fall of 2012.
A reporter tries to track down her husband's killer.
A comedy from Bad Santa screenwriter about a grandson having to escort his rowdy and lecherous grandpa to Florida during Spring Break. Universal has offered Jeff Bridges the grandpa role.
Based on one of Marvel Comics' titles, Doctor Strange tells the story how a selfish doctor named Stephen Strange learned compassion while transforming into the most powerful sorcerer on Earth. The...
Eric Bana is no longer involved in this project. He was to play Elvis.
A group of friends hole up in an apartment to face the end of the world together.
A washed up British director is invited to make an epic in a country ruled by a dictator.
This thriller focuses on a group of people impacted by the decision to drop a missile on a house in East Africa.
Fellini was missing in Los Angeles for a few days when he came over for the 1957 Oscars. This is what happened...
Joel Edgerton stars as a cop who ran a young cyclist off the road, injuring the child. When another police officer arrived to take his statement, he lied about the incident. The movie will shoot in...
A Mexican politician hires five elite bodyguards to protect him from an assassination. Bruce Willis is attached to star.
Steve Carell plays a director who takes issues with a message board poster played by Jack Black. Frank or Francis is a musical. According to Elizbeth Banks, the project has been postponed.
A wealthy investment banker falsely convicted for a crime he did not commit prepares for prison with the help if his car washer.