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Roadside Attractions Acquires Xavier Dolan's Cannes-Winning 'Mommy'

fb.indiewire.com – "Mommy" the latest film by Canadian director Xavier Dolan, has just been picked up by Roadside Attractions for U.S. distribution. The film was the co-winner of the Jury Prize at Cannes earlier this year. "As Dolan's characters endure a series of seismic up and downs, the movie maintains a vitality and movement that goes beyond craftsmanship to illustrate Dolan's evolution as an artist," wrote Eric Kohn in his review of the film at Cannes. 5 days 1 hour ago via jackiechan

How Rupert Murdoch-Owned Time Warner Would Impact Hollywood: Creatives Speak Out

feedproxy.google.com – Leslie Moonves, Jerry Levin and more weigh in as Murdoch's courtship of Time Warner spreads fear and an unsettling skepticism through the creative community: "Whenever Mr. Murdoch is involved in something this substantial, I go to Mass." 5 days 1 hour ago via donnieyen

‘The Best Man Wedding’ to Bow April 15, 2016

variety.com – Universal Pictures has dated “The Best Man Wedding,” the next installment in the “The Best Man” franchise, for April 15, 2016. The original cast that includes Taye Diggs, Morris Chestnu, and Terrence Howard is expected to return with Malcolm D. Lee directing. Plot details are vague other than the film revolving around the wedding of... 5 days 1 hour ago via jetli

'Predators' Writer Boards 'Deus Ex' Movie (Exclusive)

feedproxy.google.com – Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh are producing the video game adaptation. 5 days 1 hour ago via brucelee

Brett Ratner talks plans for a 'r-rated' Beverly Hills Cop 4

feedproxy.google.com – Brett Ratner's next project will be the latest installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, which sees Eddie Murphy's Detroit-based foul-mouthed street cop dealing with the well-off and powerful denizens of one of America's richest areas - Beverly Hills, obvs. And it sounds like Ratner and his team will be going back to basics, after Part Three's attempt to appeal to a more family-friendly market. 5 days 21 hours ago via jackiechan

Matthew McConaughey Eyes 'The Company Man' Cold War Thriller

feedproxy.google.com – Fresh off an Oscar win for his role in Dallas Buyers Club and an Emmy nomination on the acclaimed HBO series "True Detective," it looks like Matthew McConaughey is finally trying to lock down his next project. Deadline has word that McConaughey is attached to star in The Company Man, a script by Andrew Cypiot that made The Black List known as the Untitled Ed Wilson Project. 5 days 21 hours ago via donnieyen

Director Reveals He’s Helming a Tremors Reboot

shocktillyoudrop.com – Don Michael Paul is making a decent living directing sequels that head to VOD and DVD. It began with Lake Placid: The Final Chapter and, according to his blog, he has already shot Jarhead 2: Field of Fire and Sniper: Legacy (the Sniper movies are still going?!). Soon, he’s apparently going to be doing a Tremors reboot for Universal.

5 days 21 hours ago via jackiechan

Lilly Denies, Stoll Confirms "Ant-Man" Casting

darkhorizons.com – Months ago came rumors that former "Lost" star Evangeline Lilly was in talks to play the female lead in Marvel's "Ant-Man," something that various trade publications have reportedly since confirmed but neither she or Marvel have yet to. Asked by SlashFilm if she could confirm being cast, she says: "No, I can't. 5 days 21 hours ago via theothersenhman

'Akira' Lives With New Writer On Board Live Action Reboot

fb.indiewire.com – By the time theTom Cruise-starring “Edge of Tomorrow” will likely clear the $100 million domestic box office threshold, it will have been in theaters for two months. Yet despite the underperformance stateside, the film is doing very well overseas with grossesaddingup to $261 million. 6 days 36 min ago via theothersenhman

Hayley Atwell Has A Role In ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’

screenrant.com – Despite the old age and amnesiac condition of character Peggy Carter in the present timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hayley Atwell is keeping herself busy with Marvel Studios. After playing a major role in the origin story of Steve Rogers in the ’40s set Captain America: The First Avenger, Atwell’s highly trained Peggy Carter became a quick fan-fave thanks to the self-titled Marvel One-Shot Agent Carter, a short film which helped launch her own TV series on ABC to play alongside Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. 6 days 36 min ago via jetli

Why 'Frozen' Was Such a Big Box-Office Hit in Japan

feedproxy.google.com – The global Disney success is set to finish its theatrical run in the country with more than $250 million, making it the third-highest grossing film there ever. 6 days 36 min ago via donnieyen

Roberto Orci Promises He Won’t Ruin ‘Power Rangers’ Movie

screenrant.com – Nostalgia for pop culture of the past is at an all-time high right now, as all of our favorite films, TV series and cartoons of the ’80s and ’90s continue to be recreated for a new generation. Yet for every remake that does well according to critics and fans, there’s another one out there that ends up missing the mark.

6 days 4 hours ago via brucelee

Dwayne Johnson’s Quake Thriller ‘San Andreas’ Finally Shoots in San Francisco

variety.com – After serving as a rallying point for improving California’s film incentive program, Dwayne Johnson’s quake thriller “San Andreas” has started shooting its final scenes in San Francisco after most of the film was shot in Australia. The film’s first unit began shooting Sunday in San Francisco and will wrap on July 27. 6 days 4 hours ago via donnieyen

Roberto Orci: "I Won't Ruin" POWER RANGERS & Open To Original Cast Cameos

comicbookmovie.com – Roberto Orci, who is one of the men responsible for Star Trek Into Darkness and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, promised Haim Saban he wouldn't ruin the Power Rangers franchise. Saban believed him and that is how he became one of the producers on the project. And that is just some of what Orci told IGN in a recent interview. 6 days 13 hours ago via jackiechan

Why Can’t Cameron Diaz Make a Good Movie?

feedproxy.google.com – Though Cameron Diaz almost seems to be picking projects at random these days, there is at least one consistent through line: Whether the movies do well (like her spring sleeper The Other Woman) or arrive at the box office dead on arrival (like this weekend's flop Sex Tape), you can ... 6 days 13 hours ago via theothersenhman
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