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'How to Train Your Dragon 4' Not Happening; Spinoffs Are Possible

movieweb.com – After the critical and commercial success of both How to Train Your Dragon and this year's How to Train Your Dragon 2, which have earned over $1.1 billion worldwide combined, fans will get their next look at Hiccup and Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon 3, which is set for release on June 9, 2017. 19 weeks 3 days ago via jetli

Rumor: Jena Malone to play Robin in Batman V Superman

joblo.com – Set visits provide a good source for rumors, but don't necessarily amount to much in the endgame. For example,Kevin Smith was fortunate enough to drop by the set of J.J. Abrams' STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, but I somehow doubt we're going to see that image of a portly Stormtrooper running after the good guys. 19 weeks 3 days ago via theothersenhman

Wu Jing May Not Be Returning To Action Movies Due To Serious Leg Injuries

feedproxy.google.com – Chinese martial arts star Wu Jing has suffered from serious leg injuries and may not be able to return to action films, local media is reporting. Wu was recently admitted into hospital and had surgery on both of his legs. Following the operation, he told reporters that the surgery went well but the risk of his injuries recurring may prevent him from working in action movies again, and he is looking forward to spending more time with his wife and young son. 19 weeks 3 days ago via jackiechan

Movie Ticket Outlays Averaged $8.08 In Q3, Up 3.1% From Last Year

deadline.com – Box office sales in Q3 were weaker than most in the industry had expected. But the average outlay for tickets was up, according to data just out from the National Association of Theater Owners, because theaters had more premium priced 3-D and large format (including IMAX) releases than they did in the same period in 2013. 19 weeks 3 days ago via theothersenhman

Noomi Rapace: 'God could be the villain in Prometheus 2'

rss.feedsportal.com – The actress discusses the villains of the upcoming Ridley Scott sequel. 19 weeks 3 days ago via brucelee

‘Batman v Superman’ Extra Risks $5 Million Fine Over Revealing Movie Spoilers

thewrap.com – “Batman v Superman” extra revealed major plot details of Warner Bros.’ upcoming Ben Affleck-Henry Cavill superhero movie during an interview with a local news station. The grad student risks a $5 million fine for breaching the confidentiality agreement required by any extras who work on the film. A spokesman for Warner Bros. 19 weeks 3 days ago via jetli

Box Office Late Nights: ‘Fury’ Opens To Strong $1.2M; ‘Book Of Life’ To $300K

deadline.com – Thank you, Brad Pitt. Sony's Pitt-starring war film, Fury, grossed a strong $1.2M from late night Thursdays in 2,489 theaters on track for a very respectable box office weekend, while Fox's animated adventure The Book of Life grabbed a nice $300K from 2,150 locations last night. Both started at 7 PM. 19 weeks 3 days ago via jackiechan

‘Fury’ Ending Explained by Director David Ayer

screenrant.com – David Ayer’s Fury is not the sort of film that tries to weave mystery and ambiguity into its tale of WWII bravery – and the cost of such bravery. The movie is pretty straightforward in its examination of how young Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman) gets broken into the trials (and horrors) of war; yet, there is one moment in the movie’s climax that has people talking. 19 weeks 3 days ago via brucelee

New ‘Poltergeist’ Is Rated PG-13

feedproxy.google.com – The original Poltergeist was at the beginning of a ratings controversy that ended up creating the PG-13 rating, as the intense film went out as a PG movie. Now the remake, which is set for release next summer, is evidently way too hardcore for a PG. The 2015 Poltergeist is rated PG-13.

19 weeks 3 days ago via jetli

China’s Wanda Cinema Returns With $325 Million IPO

variety.com – Largest exhibition chain seeks capital for further expansion... 19 weeks 3 days ago via donnieyen

Scarlett Johansson Offered 'Ghost in the Shell' Lead Role For $10M

latino-review.com – Scarlett Johansson could be looking at a major payday pretty soon. The actress is being offered $10M to play the lead role in DreamWorks' live-action adaptation of the Japanese media franchise Ghost In The Shell. 19 weeks 3 days ago via jetli

Director Paul Schrader Says His New Nicolas Cage Movie "Was Taken Away From Me"

feedproxy.google.com – "We lost the battle," he says of 'Dying of the Light,' which Grindstone Entertainment will release on VOD on Dec. 5 19 weeks 3 days ago via donnieyen

New ANT-MAN Set Pics Feature TI & Another Look At Michael Douglas As 'Hank Pym'

comicbookmovie.com – In addition to another snap of Michael Douglas looking dapper as Hank Pym, we have our first look at the character TI will play in Peyton Reed's Ant-Man. All we previously had to go on was that he'd be playing a "superhero's homeboy", suggesting he'd be a friend of Scott Land (Paul Rudd), but do these images tell a different story? 19 weeks 3 days ago via theothersenhman

Robert Redford In A Pete's Dragon Remake? Here Are The Specifics

cinemablend.com – For about a year or so, Disney was in negotiations with Ain't Them Bodies Saints director David Lowery to take charge of the modern update to their 1977 deep cut classic, Pete's Dragon. That story ended with Lowery taking the post, and a movie in need of a cast. Well much like their lucky strike in terms of picking a director, Disney's luck might extend a little further, as Robert Redford has begun talking about participating in a pivotal role.

19 weeks 3 days ago via brucelee

'Ghost in the Shell' Movie Wants Scarlett Johansson for the Lead

movieweb.com – DreamWorks has reportedly made a $10 million offer for actress Scarlett Johansson to star in their live-action Ghost in the Shell remake. There is no word yet on whether or not the actress plans on accepting the offer.We reported last month that The Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie was in talks to star in the adaptation of Masamune Shirow's Japanese Manga comics. 19 weeks 3 days ago via jackiechan
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