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David Fincher Reveals That He Met With Disney About Directing STAR WARS EPISODE VII

comicbookmovie.com – J.J. Abrams is currently hard at work on bringing Star Wars Episode VII to the big screen, but had things played out a little differentely, he would be prepping for Star Trek 3 right now as David Fincher shot the highly anticipated follow-up to Return of the Jedi! In a recent interview with Total Film, the Gone Girl helmer revealed that he spoke to the studio about the movie, but it sounds as if he didn't feel sure about the project due to Disney's involvement. 2 days 9 hours ago via brucelee

New Director Set For "London Has Fallen"

darkhorizons.com – Scandinavian helmer Babak Najafi ("Easy Money II: Hard to Kill") is in talks to replace Fredrik Bond at the helm of "London Has Fallen," the upcoming sequel to "Olympus Has Fallen" from Millennium Entertainment. With only a few weeks to go before shooting, Bond left the production and so both Millennium and leading man Gerard Butler scrambled to find a replacement.

2 days 11 hours ago via theothersenhman

Specialty Box Office: Audiences Have 'Pride' In First Weekend; Shane Dawson's 'Not Cool' Very Hot In Second Frame

fb.indiewire.com – Seven new films entered in the specialty marketplace this weekend, and while one in particular was off to an excellent start, they all ended up losing out to an internet sensation. Our report: The good news: CBS Films had reason to be proud this weekend: Their British gay rights drama "Pride" had by far the best per-theater-average of any debuting indie this weekend.

3 days 2 hours ago via brucelee

Sony Picks Up Female-Centric Sci-Fi Action Script 'Eden Project' (Exclusive)

feedproxy.google.com – Sources say the deal for the spec was in the $750,000 range; Tobey Maguire and his Material Pictures will produce 4 days 21 hours ago via jetli

Leonardo DiCaprio Tackling Wild Animal Tale 'American Wolf' (Exclusive)

feedproxy.google.com – Kevin McCormick with DiCaprio's Appian Way shingle will produce an adaptation of a book that tells the tale of celebrated female alpha wolf O-Six 4 days 21 hours ago via theothersenhman

John Carpenter Talks About His Storied Filmmaking Career, Creative Differences, and the Term ‘Slasher’

feedproxy.google.com – Horror filmmaker John Carpenter’s body of work is atypical in that his films often seem to have been made by an uncompromisingly intuitive commercial artist. Never content just to take a check, Carpenter abandoned the Halloween franchise after co-writing and producing the series’ first two unsuccessful sequels and took on ... 4 days 21 hours ago via brucelee

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Will Complete the FIRST CLASS Trilogy; Simon Kinberg Talks Recasting Younger Versions of the Original Characters

collider.com – It’s hard to imagine an X-Men movie bigger than X-Men: Days of Future Past, what with its multiple timelines, ginormous cast, and time travel shenanigans, but those involved with X-Men: Apocalypse continue to reiterate that it will be the biggest X-Men movie yet. 4 days 22 hours ago via theothersenhman

Terrence Howard in Talks to Join Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara in ‘Man Down’ (Exclusive)

thewrap.com – Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard is in talks to reteam with his “Fighting” director Dito Montiel on the psychological thriller “Man Down,” TheWrap has learned. Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara and Gary Oldman will star in the film, which begins shooting at the end of October in Louisiana. 4 days 22 hours ago via donnieyen

New Fantastic Four Reboot Plot Details Revealed

wegotthiscovered.com – Despite all the controversy surrounding Josh Trank’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, we still know virtually nothing about the film. Outside of its cast and release date, much of the movie – including how it differs from the awful Tim Story films from the early 2000s – remains a mystery. Thanks to Schmoes Know, that may very well have changed. 4 days 22 hours ago via brucelee

‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Will Conclude ‘First Class’ Trilogy; Talks Timeline And New Characters

feedproxy.google.com – Bryan Singer, Simon Kinberg and the whole team are hard at work in pre-production on X-Men: Apocalypse. Filming starts this April up in Montreal for a summer 2016 release. The film will be set in the ’80s, following the old timeline from the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past with the stars of that movie returning: 4 days 23 hours ago via jackiechan

Marvel Keeps Rights to its Biggest Characters

ign.com – Marvel and the Jack Kirby estate have released a joint statement saying they have resolved their long-running legal disputes outside of court. This comes just days before the two parties were set to appear before the Supreme Court. Their statement reads, “Marvel and the family of Jack Kirby have amicably resolved their legal disputes, and are looking forward to advancing their shared goal of honoring Mr. 4 days 23 hours ago via donnieyen

Tarantino Will Shoot 'Hateful Eight' in Colorado This December

movieweb.com – There have been multiple reports about when director Quentin Tarantino will start shooting his revenge Western The Hateful Eight, including a May report that revealed shooting will begin this November in Wyoming, and a story from earlier this month that indicated production will start in January. Today, The Denver Post reports that principal photography will begin on December 8 in southwestern Colorado.The state of Colorado has put together a $5 million incentive for Quentin Tarantino to bring his project to the state, beating out neighboring states Utah and Wyoming. 4 days 23 hours ago via donnieyen

‘Game of Thrones’ actor boards ‘Maze Runner’ sequel as villain

insidemovies.ew.com – Littlefinger is gearing up to terrorize some Gladers. Aidan Gillen, the Irish actor best known for his role as Lord 4 days 23 hours ago via donnieyen

Julianne Moore Surges into Best Actress Race as STILL ALICE Gets Oscar-Qualifying Release from Sony Pictures Classics

collider.com – One of the big surprises of this year’s Toronto International Film Festival was a film called Still Alice. Not many people I talked to saw it, but those that did were raving about Julianne Moore’s performance as a linguistics professor who begins showing the signs of Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. 5 days 37 min ago via brucelee

Universal Cable Prods Options ‘A Girl Called Fearless’ YA Novels

deadline.com – EXCLUSIVE: Universal Cable Productions has optioned author Catherine Linka's debut novel A Girl Called Fearless and its forthcoming sequel, A Girl Undone, to develop the stories into a series. Linka's A Girl Called Fearless is set in an alternate future America where a synthetic beef hormone has wiped out millions of women and turned teenage girls into a valuable commodity to be “protected & contracted.” When she is “contracted” into marriage as a political pawn, Avie… 5 days 2 hours ago via jetli
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