Zack Snyder Talks 'Man of Steel' Sequel

Zack Snyder

Imagine how you'd feel if you were a comic book fan and were handed the keys to a big-budget Superman sequel that promised to bring the big guy together on the big screen with Batman and Wonder Woman for the first time in history? That's probably how Zack Snyder feels right now, and in a new interview with Forbes, he opened up -- just a little -- about what's going on behind the scenes of the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

As Snyder tells it, he always had the idea of bringing Batman into the picture at some point, although he wasn't initially thinking about making the leap so soon. "Maybe at the end of the second movie," he mused, "some Kryptonite gets delivered to Bruce Wayne’s house or something. Like in a cryptic way, that’s the first time we see him."

Of course, things ended up going in a very different direction. When Henry Cavill reappears onscreen as Superman, he'll be facing Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman -- and although Snyder didn't share any storyline details or even a title, he did admit to a certain amount of fanboy excitement during the costume fittings. As he put it, "You do sort of sense the weight of the pop culture iconography jumping out of its skin when you’re standing there looking at the two of them and Wonder Woman."

Not covered: the Man of Steel sequel's current spot on the release schedule, which puts it directly at odds with Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016. Snyder did point out that there's a definite corporate timetable for releasing stills and other information about a project this huge, so someone upstairs at Warner Bros. probably knows when we're going to know more -- it just won't be today.

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