WonderCon 2014: Godzilla is Two Movies In One


Warner Bros.' new Godzilla film is only weeks away, and director Gareth Edwards and screenwriter Max Borenstein were at WonderCon in Anaheim to tell us about their new take on the classic monster. Godzilla ends up being two different films in one because of the influence of classic monster films.

"We were trying to build suspense and to deliver the goods when it mattered but to really build it in a way where people would be hungry for it by the time you delivered it," Borenstein said. "I think structurally, that's something we always talked about. It's something they do in all our favorite monster movies."

Edwards added, "It's kind of like a cinematic foreplay. It's like two hours of really teasing the audience and then you give them what they came for.

Now, Godzilla can't really be two hours of teasing before the big guy attacks, can it? "No, it's not," Edwards assured us. "It's not two hours of tease. I'd say half the movie is a suspense mystery kind of film and the other half is more action horror maybe. There's a point where it becomes the other but I feel like both are really fun approaches to this kind of film. I didn't want to just go with one so halfway through the film is a turning point where it kind of becomes a problem, like our September 11th."

In another way, Godzilla is both an original movie and its own sequel. The Godzilla sequels usually brought in another monster for Godzilla to fight. Edwards' Godzilla both introduces the monster and gives him more monsters to fight.

"Obviously the first one, he was on his own and then as they went on they had him versus another creature at least," Edwards said. "So when we were doing ours, that was a big decision and right from the beginning we all felt like we've got to have a Godzilla movie where there is something else he confronts. It took a long time for us to find a solution to that which came from the same place he did."

This won't be your typical Godzilla Vs. movie though. "It's definitely anything that happens in the film, we were trying to make it feel like it was to do with nature and there was a natural, animalistic reason for what was unfolding. It wasn't just because it's cool to have monster fights, as cool as it is. We wanted it to come from a place to do with nature."

Godzilla opens May 16.

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