What's Popping: 'The Tomb', 'Blade Runner', 'The Wolverine', 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

When the rumor first surfaced about Arnold Schwarzenegger teaming up with Slyvester Stallone for The Tomb, a movie he previously passed on, there were some doubts as to whether it's true or just the work of someone with an overactive imagination. It turns out those rumors were true afterall. Schwarzenegger will play one of the prisoners who help Stallone escape from a high tech prison he'd designed.

It looks like Fox is finally ready to get hustling on that sequel to 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine as they have set July 23, 2013 as when it will be in theaters. What this means is that The Wolverine will really shoot this Spring after Jackman is done filming the musical Les Misérables. The "villain" in the sequel will be the Silver Samurai.

George Lucas must think he has Jedi powers because he's saying that Greedo has always shot first and the reason he has gone back and edit the first Star Wars movie is to clear up that confusion. Yeah right! We know what we saw and no amount of Jedi hand waving or revisionist editing is going to change that.

Sony released a new Amazing Spider-Man trailer online on midnight, Tuesday. Why at that time, I have no clue? Don't they know writers are usually groggy and can't think straight at those hours? From what I can tell from the trailer, the Spider-Man reboot isn't half bad and is different enough from the Sam Raimi one to warrant a look.

Ridley Scott recently told EW that everything is still up in the air about the new Blade Runner movie. However, unless there was a revelation in those brainstorming sessions with the writers, the new Blade Runner will be a sequel. Why? In an interview with the WSJ, he said the movie is "liable to be a sequel," which meant he already had something in mind.

Other News & Notes:

Ty Burrell boards Jackie Brown prequel, Switch.

Bobby Farrelly's son has died.

Some Rambo 5 speculation.

Russell Crowe's name is attached to every other movie. He is now linked to the Dracula movie Harker.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer attached to The Hunger Games.

Shame may not be making money for Fox Searchlight.

It's official: Ridley Scott will take on The Counselor next.

DreamWorks will remake Alfred Hitchcock's Rebecca.

Exit Miley Cyrus, enters Selena Gomez for Hotel Transylvania.

Scott Eastwood joins his dad, Clint Eastwood, in Trouble With The Curve.

Tom Cruise is no longer the last man in Horizons aka Oblivion now that Morgan Freeman has board.

Photos roundup: Wreck-It Ralph, Snow White and the Huntsman & more.

Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost essentially dead.

Renny Harlin will direct untitled thriller about why nine experienced hikers died in mountains.

Naomi Watts is Princess Diana in Caught in Flight.

Comedy Wet Hot American Summer 2 in development.

Billy Connolly plays Dain Ironfoot in The Hobbit movies.

Sullivan Stapleton is Xerxes in 300 prequel.

Synopsis for Lars Von Trier Nymphomaniac released.

The Bourne Legacy trailer is out on iTunes.

Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson to star as 40-year olds in a dot com company in the comedy Intern.

Brian de Palma will direct Heat remake with Jason Statham starring.

Natalie Portman boards Terrence Malick films Knight of Cups & Lawless.

WB taps Van Robichaux & Evan Susser to rewrite the live-action adaptation of The Jetsons.

Zack Snyder-penned Army of the Dead may not be happening.

Denzel Washington in talks to join Mark Wahlberg in 2 Guns.

Zak Penn rewriting The Karate Kid 2 screenplay.

Anne Rice's vampire Lestat getting a resurrection in The Tale of the Body Thief adaptation.

Russell Crowe not in Robocop remake talks; Hearing Darren Aronofsky's voice telling him to get on that boat.

Mel Gibson still working on that Viking movie, Berserker; Wants to make it "real and visceral."

Machete sequel gets rolling. Will be titled Machete Kills.

Harrison Ford is definitely not in talks for new Blade Runner movie, says producer.

The Amazing Spider-Man trailer & sizzle reel knocking socks off. Here are some reactions.

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