What's Popping: Oscar Noms, 'Hangover 3', 'Gods and Kings', 'Terminator 5', 'Evil Dead'

The nominations for the 84th Academy Awards came out early Tuesday morning and, by and large, they are filled with the usual suspects. Martin Scorsese's Hugo leads the field with 11 nominations, including ones for Best Picture and Best Director. The black-and-white silent film, The Artist, comes in second with 10 nominations. The Descendants and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo have 5 nominations each. The Help and Midnight in Paris both have 4. Curiously, the largely panned 9/11 film, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, has a nomination for Best Picture, which is probably a courtesy nod due to its subject matter. Winners will be announced in a telecast on February 26.

With the success of the first two Hangover movies, its three stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms, will score a huge pay day for the third and final Hangover movie to the tune of $15 million each, against backend. The first two movies have made Warner Bros. over $1 billion at the worldwide box office while only costing them $115 to make. Since this is a backend deal, the three stars won't be paid their hefty salaries until some milestones have been met. Hangover Part III may start production this summer for a Memorial Day 2013 release.

Steven Spielberg is close to making Gods and Kings his next movie after Robopocalypse, according to Deadline. Gods and Kings is reportedly a "gritty" take on the story of Moses, a Hebrew who was adopted into the royal family of Egypt but is destined to lead his people to the Promise Land. According to the insider, Gods and Kings will be "Braveheart-ish" and will be a "real warrior story." Warner Bros. is eyeing a start date of March or April 2013. Spielberg is currently in post for Lincoln, a biopic about the 16th President of the United States, starring Daniel Day-Lewis in the title role. Afterwards, he will move on to Robopocalypse, a sci-fi thriller about robots becoming self-aware and overthrowing their human masters.

Terminator 5 is still a long way from happening but if it does, it will be rated R, assures producer Megan Ellison. Fast Five director Justin Lin was previously attached to direct the movie, and after having a couple of conversations with James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger, he left the project to direct Fast and Furious 6 and 7 instead. At this point, there is still no script for the movie and no other directors in talks to take over from Lin (that we know about).

Lily Collins was to play the female version of Ash in the reboot, but had to drop out over "scheduling issues." Whether the real reason for Collins' departure is a schedule conflict or just Collins wanting to back out of the project due to a career move is unknown at this point -- afterall, nothing says B-list than a low budget horror movie. The reboot is written by Fede Alvarez who will also direct. Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are producing.

Other News & Notes:

The Grey leads early box office returns; One for the Money does well despite terrible reviews.

John Lee Hancock will direct adaptation of John Grisham's novel The Partner.

Sarah Jessica Parker replaces Demi Moore in porn star biopic Lovelace.

Alex Proyas' Paradise Lost may start shooting in June.

Five more pics from The Avengers.

Animated Goon movie is still alive; still looking for funding.

Remaining Monty Python members may team up for sci-fi comedy Absolutely Anything.

Darren Aronofsky may start shooting Noah this summer.

A new pic from Prometheus.

Disney is developing a sci-fi adventure from a pitch by Chronicle's Max Landis.

Will Spider-Man makes an appearance in The Avengers?

The Academy moves to electronic voting for next year's Oscars.

Captain America 2 may shoot this year.

Tony Jaa may be working on Ong-Bak 4.

No El Macho for Javier Bardem. He drops out of the Despicable Me sequel.

Demi Moore is out of the Lovelace biopic; Chloe Sevigny in.

Director F. Javier Gutierrez will be directing The Crow remake.

Catherine Zeta-Jones joins Steven Soderberg's thriller The Side Effects.

Jadin Gould is playing a young Lana Land in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel.

Doug Liman wants All You Need Is Kill to be his next film. Tom Cruise attached to star.

Empire Magazine has some new Avengers images.

News photos from upcoming movies: Prometheus, Looper, Resident Evil: Retribution.

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