What's Popping: 'Justice League', 'Dark Knight Rises', 'Mockingjay', 'Ghostbusters 3', 'The Hobbit'

Justice League

Now that Christopher Nolan is done with the Batman movies, he is free to hop onto another of Warner Bros' comic book franchises, but it looks like he's done with comic book movies, at least for now. He said in an interview that besides his producing credits on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, he will not be involved with the inevitable Batman reboot or the long-gestating Justice League movie.

Like The Hobbit, Mockingjay, the final book in Suzanne Collins' popular YA series The Hunger Games, will be split into two movies to be released a year apart: Part I is dated for November 21, 2014 and Part II for November 20, 2015. Is the story in the final book strong enough to sustain two movies? The jury is out on that. In some casting news, Philip Seymour Hoffman has accepted the role of Plutarch Heavensbee in second movie, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Ghostbusters 3 appears to be Dan Aykroyd's holy grail. It is something he must seek it out regardless of the obstacles in his way. Despite Bill Murray repeatedly telling him that he won't do a third movie, Aykroyd has set another writer, Men in Black 3's Etan Cohen, on the script. Is Cohen's draft going to be the one that will change Murray's mind? Probably not.

Some early reactions for The Dark Knight Rises suggest the movie may be the best comic book movie ever, but not everyone is sold on the movie. According to one who've seen the movie at a later screening, the movie is “not that compelling” and overlong at two hours and forty minutes.

Not wanting to re-ignite the controversy generated by showing a 10-min preview of The Hobbit in 3D and at 48 frames per second at Cinema-Con early this year, Peter Jackson and Warner Bros have decided to take a safer approach for Comic-Con: they will show the Comic-Con footage in standard 24 frames per second and in 2D.

Other News & Notes:

Channing Tatum says they're developing Magic Mike 2.

Joss Whedon remains undecided on The Avengers 2.

Edgar Wright's The World's End has been given the greenlight.

Jeremy Slater is writing for Fantastic Four reboot for Josh Trank to direct.

Daniel Radcliffe replaces Shia LeBeouf in Horns.

Brad Pitt is reportedly not talking to World War Z director Marc Forster.

Sage Stallone, son of Sylvester Stallone, is found dead in LA.

Richard D Zanuck, prominent Hollywood producer, dies at 77.

Dredd reviews coming out of Comic-Con are very positive.

Ken Jeong will have an expanded role in Hangover Part 3.

Disney says there's no plans for Hocus Pocus sequel.

New pics for Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful online.

Ryan Reynolds still in talks to Highlander reboot.

Mads Mikkelsen drops out of Thor 2.

Will Smith wants to make directorial debut with Cain and Abel movie.

First Skyfall pic of Ben Whishaw as gadget master Q.

Christopher Nolan thinks a Catwoman movie is a good idea.

Kung Fu Panda 3 in development.

Ed Helms in talks to star in Vacation reboot.

Universal sets Saw writers on God of War adaptation.

Darren Aronofsky reveals pic of massive ark being built for Noah.

Tobey Maguire joins Jason Reitman's Labor Day cast.

It is Drew Goddard who is scripting the ending to Brad Pitt's troubled World War Z pic.

New Pacific Rim pic online.

Christian Bale and Nicolas Cage will star in Mike Newell's Nikola Tesla biopic.

Channing Tatum to star and produce Evel Knievel biopic.

Eli Roth in talks to direct Russell Crowe in WB's Dracula tale Harker.

Relativity eyes Breck Eisner to direct Stretch Armstrong movie.

Lindsay Lohan may star in Scary Movie 5.

Twilight fan killed outside of Comic-Con.

Peter O'Toole retires.

CBS Films to adapt Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the big screen.

Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti will produce the erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey.

Will Yun Lee is playing the Silver Samurai in The Wolverine; others added to cast.

Massive Hobbit poster reveals scenes in the movie.

Producer Dean Devlin sets his sights on Independence Day 2 and Stargate sequels.

Anthony Hopkins will play Methuselah in Darren Aronofsky's Noah.

Michael Fassbender will produce and star in Assassin's Creed video game adaptation.

Website and video for Robocop's OmniCorp online.

Scarlett Johansson may get $20 million to appear in The Avengers 2.

White House action-thriller Olympus Has Fallen adds Cole Hauser and Radha Mitchell.

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