What We Know: M. Night Shyamalan's '1000 A.E.', Starring Will Smith & Jaden Smith

Posted 3:44 PM December 6th, 2011 by Binh Ngo

Will Smith and Jaden Smith

According to the latest casting news, M. Night Shyamalan's 1000 A.E. will take place 1000 years after the Earth became uninhabitable to humans for some unknown reason. This means humans are now living on another planet and/or in giant spaceships ala WALLE, waiting for the day when they can return.

Will Smith will play someone who is considered a hero, while his son, to be played by Smith's real-life son, Jaden, is considered somewhat of a failure as a warrior. When the two crashed on Earth, either because the elder Smith is captured or is somehow incapacitated, the son will have to save dad.

From that scant description, we can deduce that father and son are in the military, perhaps on a scouting mission to determine if Earth has become habitable after all those years. As for the crash, was it caused by human error like the son accidentally touching something he shouldn't? Or maybe they were attacked by someone or something? Or maybe it's both.

Whatever is the case, they crashed on the planet and the son needs to save his dad. But save him from what? You know Jaden likes to show off his martial arts skill so there will be opportunities to do so in the movie. As for what they will encounter when they're on the planet, we'll have to wait for more details.

Since this is a M. Night Shyamalan movie, there may be a WTF?! twist thrown in near the end. Hope that's not the case here.

Zoe Kravitz and Sophie Okonedo are in talks to join the Smiths in 1000 A.E. They will play the daughter and the wife, respectively, to Will Smith's character. From the description, they didn't crash on the planet along with the father and son.

1000 A.E. will start production in early 2012 for a June 2013 release by Columbia Pictures.

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