Weekend Box Office Report: New Releases Have a Tough Weekend

Jack Reacher

This last week saw several new releases of varying genres (and, unfortunately, of varying ratings); it is unsurprising, then, that their box office performance is also decidedly varied.

Remaining at the top of the charts is The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, earning $36.7 million this weekend for an impressive total of over $149.8 million so far (numbers from Box Office Mojo).

Though its earnings have dipped significantly since last weekend, it’s fair to say that it’ll remain in theaters—and perhaps at the top of the box office charts—for quite a while yet.

Jack Reacher received the best numbers out of the new releases, pulling in $15.6 million this weekend. Though this falls short of the $18.5-$19 million prediction from HSX, compared to the earnings for some of the other releases, it’s certainly a respectable haul.

The next-highest weekend gross was earned by This is 40, at a little over $12 million. Again, the gross falls short of the predicted range (here, $13 million to $14 million); although, given that Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at 49% as of Friday, perhaps that’s not entirely surprising.

The week’s other two releases, The Guilt Trip and Monsters, Inc. 3D, fell behind films that have been in theaters for several weeks: Rise of the Guardians, which earned $5.9 million for a sum of almost $79.7 million, and Lincoln, which grossed $5.6 million, adding to a total of over $116.7 million.

The Guilt Trip managed to earn just under $5.4 million, a good deal below its forecasted $8-$8.5 million; most disappointing of all, however, was the opening weekend gross for Monsters, Inc. 3D. The film earned just over $5 million, falling quite a bit short of the predicted range of $8.5 million to $14.8 million; although, since the film is a re-release most likely intended to raise hype for Monsters University, perhaps this isn’t surprising.

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