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Olympus Has Fallen

In the '90s, we couldn't go more than a few weeks without getting a movie described as "Die Hard in a...," and it got to be pretty annoying after awhile -- but we've gone a decade or so with little but the Die Hard sequels to satisfy our jones for action-packed stories of One Man standing between Some Building/Object and Certain Destruction, so we're awaiting Gerard Butler's Olympus Has Fallen, a.k.a. "Die Hard in the White House," with something approaching legitimate excitement.

Okay, so maybe we shouldn't go that far. But the years since the bullet-riddled '80s have been a relatively dry period for fans of unapologetically old-school action flicks, and as Olympus Has Fallen's first trailer (embedded below) makes clear, it's nothing if not old-school. (And unapologetic.) Plus, it has the added benefit of Morgan Freeman, who makes everything better.

At the very least, Olympus has positively got to be better than the string of crappy rom-coms that Butler has taken to filming lately; even the dumbest action movie of all time is less painful than The Bounty Hunter or, oh God, Playing for Keeps. Check out the clip below and mark your calendar for April 5:

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