Vince Vaughn's 'The Delivery Man' Delivers First Trailer

The Delivery Man

For people look with disdain upon Hollywood remakes of foreign films, The Delivery Man -- starring Vince Vaughn in a Disney-bankrolled version of the 2011 Canadian comedy Starbuck, about a man who discovers his sperm bank donations have fathered hundreds of children -- might appear to be the quintessential entry in a widely disappointing genre. And really, for all we know, it might actually be pretty bad; it isn't like the original bowled critics over, and Vaughn's certainly demonstrated his proclivity for choosing less-than-stellar scripts.

On the other hand, though, The Delivery Man's cast includes Chris Pratt, who's exceptionally funny. And whatever crimes against cinema it may commit when it arrives in theaters on October 4, the movie's first trailer is everything a promo clip should be: Short, succinct, and in possession of one honest laugh. Two or three more trailers are sure to follow, but Disney should quit while it's ahead -- this is a perfectly entertaining, extremely limited 64-second window into a movie that's destined for a long life on cable. Other studios, take note:

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