'Transformers 4' Is Not a Reboot; Cybertron a Destination?

Posted 11:05 AM June 22nd, 2012 by Binh Ngo

With Pain and Gain in post, Michael Bay can begin to turn some of his attention to Transformers 4, the movie he will direct once this one is completed.

At the opening of the new Transformers theme park ride at Universal Studios Hollywood, LA Times' Hero Complex was able to ask Bay some questions about the fourth Transformers movie.

In the interview, Bay was able to clarify what producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura said previously about Transformers 4 being a reboot.

“It's not a reboot, that's maybe the wrong word. I don’t want to say reboot because then people will think we’re doing a Spider-Man and starting from the beginning. We’re not. We’re taking the story that you’ve seen — the story we've told in three movies already — and we're taking it in a new direction. But we're leaving those three as the history. It all still counts.”

Asked whether the story will involving leaving Earth, Bay said it looks likely.

"I think so, yeah, a little. That feels like the way to go, doesn’t it? I want to go a little off but I don’t want to go too sci-fi. I still want to keep it grounded. That’s what works in these movies, that’s what makes it accessible."

It's difficult to parse what Bay meant by "a little." My guess, and I may be completely off base here, is that Transformers 4 will still be Earth-bound, with Cybertron being the ultimate destination in Transformers 5 or Transformers 6. The fourth movie will be about trying to get there. Why is that? The budget.

According to Bay, he has $30 million less to work with, so creating the set of the mechanical planet and then blowing parts of it up is going to be costly. The budget for Transformers: Dark of the Moon is $195 million, so the budget for Transformers 4 is going to be around $165 million.

Bay also confirmed that the fourth movie will have a new cast. From what I gathered, there's no script yet, just the general idea of what the story is going to be.

Transformers 4 has already penciled in June 29, 2014 for release.

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