With "Tintin" Disappointing in the U.S., Will Spielberg and Jackson Still Move Ahead with Sequels?

The Adventures of Tintin
Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin" had a huge opening overseas, grossing $56M when it was released in early November. There were news of a sequel with Spielberg and Jackson switching roles - the former producing and the latter directing. "Tintin" has, so far, taken in about $260M overseas.

It couldn't replicate that success at the North American box office, though. The mocap animated film has only made $47M after two weeks of release, a bit of a disappointment considering the talents involved. At it’s current rate, it’ll probably max out at around $70M.

I wonder if releasing two Spielberg films in the same week had any effect on each movie's business - the other one being "War Horse." Sure, they're in different genres, but outlets would have to choose which one to feature. Spielberg would have to split his time promoting both films. There’s gotta be some cannibalization.

Tintin's foreign/domestic box office imparity reminds me of Chris Weitz's "The Golden Compass," which coincidentally also stars Daniel Craig. The 2007 film did great overseas, grossing over $300M, but only managed $70M stateside. "Tintin" will end up with similar numbers at the end of its theatrical run.

Despite spectacular numbers overseas, New Line Cinema didn't green light "Compass" sequels.

Will Paramount go ahead with "Tintin" sequels? One positive for "Tintin" is it only cost about half as much as "Compass" - $100M to $180M, respectively. Another is it's better reviewed - 75% to 42% on the Tomatometer.

With a middling performance stateside, I'm doubting Paramount would go ahead with sequels. If they thought the foreign numbers were good enough by themselves to go ahead with more "Tintin" movies, they would have announced it. Since they didn't, they were obviously waiting for U.S. numbers. And that's been disappointing so far. Now only strong performances from home video sales and rentals can save the sequels.

UPDATE: Looks like "Tintin 2" is happening. That's good to hear. I'm curious to see how Peter Jackson's version turns out. I like Spieldberg's version, which is two hours of great action sequences stringed together by a lean story.

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