Site Updates: MWB Editorial and Facebook Likes

The Great Gatsby

Hi MWB readers,

Just writing to let you guys know that we’ve made a few cosmetic changes to the site and fixed our Facebook Likes charts.

We have more writers since Binh and I launched the site over a year ago. Since then, Sara, Jeff, Logan, and ‘Popcorn’ have joined us. Jeff and Binh are focused on big news items; Sara on reviews and columns; Logan on box office and opening films; ‘Popcorn’ on trailer reviews; and I tend to write about box office and the emerging Chinese market.

Since we’ve been producing more of our own editorial content lately, we made a slight modification to the homepage to give our articles more prominence. The slideshow at the center top of the page will feature three instead of six articles. Below that will the the seven latest articles from us.

Content from other sites with the voting element are still on the homepage; they’ve been moved down below our own content with the label “Across the Web.”

We lost about a week’s worth of Facebook Likes data, from December 13th to the 18th. A week’s worth of daily charts have no data, but you can still cycle through the rest of the charts by clicking on the “previous” links. For weekly charts, we’ll lose out on just two charts: last week’s and this week’s. The monthly charts shouldn’t be affected.

We’re not sure why the charts didn’t run for that week, but we’ve updated the code to be more efficient and have a backup plan if it fails to run again.

Although based on today’s chart of the top upcoming movies, not much has changed: “Iron Man 3,” “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” and “Thor: The Dark World” are still the top three. “Les Miserables” and “The Great Gatsby” have popped in and out of the top five in last fews though.

That’s it for now. Have a merry Christmas and happy new year from the MWB team! Thanks for reading.

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