Shane Black to Direct New 'Predator' Movie


Few film franchises have been as consistently disappointing -- yet still somehow viable -- than the Predator movies. Aside from the underrated 1990 sequel (which tanked), the dreadlocked interstellar hunter's time on the big screen has been one long downhill ride, including the ill-advised Alien crossovers and Nimród Antal's mostly moribund 2010 stab at a follow-up. But Fox just can't let go of the idea of a great new Predator movie -- and for once, they seem like they might actually have a halfway decent shot at getting one.

The Hollywood Reporter's sources say the studio has hired Shane Black to direct a new Predator. He'll reportedly pen a treatment for the new entry in the series, which will then be scripted by his longtime creative partner Fred Dekker; original Predator producer John Davis is also on board.

Black's most recent directorial outing was the rather disappointing Iron Man 3, but given that he had to compromise with dozens of Disney execs, it was all but certainly nowhere near as bad as it could have been. He has a long history of delivering great ideas for films (including, according to legend, buffing up the original Predator), so it stands to reason that he should be able to come up with something compelling for the character to do.

No word on where exactly this fits into Black's crowded docket, which also includes The Nice Guys and an adaptation of the '30s pulp icon Doc Savage. It seems likely, however, that Fox will want to get this out quickly -- one can never have too many franchises grunting and slashing their way through theaters, after all.

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