Review: Captain America Becomes Current and Relevant

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The result of missing the first ten minutes of Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier is quickly forgotten for the fun mixture of easy to follow big data taking over the world storyline, teenage one-liner dialogue and unstuffy special effects driven action scenes that look more natural and realistic, say, compared to the king of big bangs, Transformers.

In Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D has been compromised and Nick Fury is presumed dead. As Captain America and Natasha uncover the secret behind an USB drive left by Nick Fury, Alexander (Robert Redford) orders them killed by his men and a cold-hearted, ghost killer, the Winter Soldier. Captain America and Natasha discover Hydra and its mission to rid society of people predicated to do evil based on their current data files (a super hero embraces big data finally! I love it!). Captain America and the surviving S.H.I.E.L.D team race against the clock to stop these missiles from firing on these innocent people. What happens next is an easy guess.

The fun isn’t the predictability element, but the efforts of adding more to these blockbuster films than just massive explosions or powerful punches that send the action heroes flying from one planet to the next. Captain America has some great action scenes that looked so crisp and slightly realistic, that I placed explosion filled popcorn comic book movies a step higher than voluptuous boob filled horror films. The car chase and murder of Nick Fury wreck sequences were beautifully and slowly detailed, instead of flashing lightening fast car movements where you can’t distinguish heads from tails of cars.

Efforts at including hand to hand combats also deserve a mention, for showcasing every moment and gesture in the light instead of half hidden in shadows. Sure, it’s a far cry from watching Jet Li fight Donnie Yen, but it’s still better than seeing Superman punch General Zod from planet to sun. And, no, I’m not a DC comics hater.

Just a lover of good, fun and clean visuals and simple dialogue in blockbluster films. A thoughtless film should be just that – simple and entertaining, without too many fancy terms, over-the-top senseless scientific explanations and complicated dialogue. That’s why Captain America’s young adult (YA) lingo suits me just fine; phrases like “I got this!” “I am so fired” and “How do I know who the bad guys are? -- If they shoot at you, they’re bad,” work just fine for my simple popcorn and soda filled brain.

Keep, keeping it simple and I’m there for the next one too.

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