Popcorn Index: Tim Burton's Stop-Motion Feature "Frankenweenie" Makes A Surprise Appearance


Yesterday, Tim Burton’s stop-motion feature “Frankenweenie” made an appearance at the top of the Facebook chart for upcoming movies. With 15,132 Facebook Likes added, it pushed the reigning champ “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” down a slot.

“Frankenweenie” has always been in the top ten, but never at the top. I’m not sure what was so special about yesterday. Perhaps, it was an image of Mr. Rzykruski, a character in the film, that Disney released on its Facebook page.

I saw the short film, which was also filmed in black and white but with live actors, a while back. I thought it was decent for a short. It’s interesting that Burton decided to go with stop-motion animation for the feature length version. I’m guessing it’s to take advantage of the higher ticket prices for 3D.

According to the synopsis, “Frankenweenie” is “a heartwarming tale about a boy and his dog Sparky. Not just any dog, but a Frankenstein dog. The trailer reminds me of “Corpse Bride.” I hope it’s just as good.

Winona Ryder, Martin Short, Martin Landau, and Catherine O’Hara are some of the voice talents.

Sparky will come to life on October 5th nationwide.

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