Popcorn Index: "The Apparition" Tops The Daily Charts for Opening Movies

Posted 5:11 PM August 22nd, 2012 by Senh Duong
"The Apparition"

For the last few days, “The Apparition” has been adding about 5,000 Facebook Likes per day, by far the most for films opening this week. “Hit & Run” and “Premium Rush” have been adding about 2,000.

For total number of Facebook Likes, “Hit & Run” is still tops with about 117,988. “The Apparition” passed “Premium Rush” for second place with 102,749 Likes.

Like I said previously, these figures pale in comparison to last week’s box office champ “The Expendables 2,” with Likes in the millions. Don’t expect any of this week’s films to have a huge opening.

“The Apparition” is a supernatural thriller about a bunch of college students being haunted by a presence unknowingly conjured up during a “parapsychology experiment.” It’s a PG-13 horror film from WB starring a bunch of unknowns (at least none of the cast members pop out at me).

“Hit & Run” is a road comedy starring Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, featuring Bradley Cooper and Tom Arnold. I’m not sure how Cooper ended in this film, probably doing a friend a favor. It opens nationwide today. On Rotten Tomatoes, it scored a mixed 46% on the Tomatometer.

“Premium Rush” is a thriller starring “The Dark Knight Rises”’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt about a “bicycle messenger” who must deliver stuff to people through the streets of Manhattan. “The Transporter” with a bicycle. Hmm...

EDIT: Regarding the unknowns from "The Apparition," Ashley Green came from the "Twilight" franchise and Tom Felton from "Harry Potter." I've only seen the first "Twilight" movie and don't feel a need to see the rest. I've seen all of the Harry Potter films. I recognize Felton when I saw his photo. It's no wonder "The Apparition" is getting more Likes on a per day basis because the leads come from huge franchises. Thanks to a former Rotten Tomatoes editor for pointing this out to me.

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