Photos Roundup: 'Hunger Games', 'Resident Evil 5', 'Riddick', 'The Raid'

We added a bunch more photos to our galleries this past week. There are new photos for Resident Evil: Retribution, The Raid, Riddick, Looper, Prometheus, and more. Check them out below.

Fox released a new poster for Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi thriller Prometheus. It looks almost exactly like the previous poster except that the giant head statue is brighter and is tilted more toward the viewer. Starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce, and Idris Elba, Prometheus is coming to theaters this summer on June 8, 2012.

With its money troubles behind them, Riddick, the third Pitch Black movie starring Vin Diesel as the title character, can finally continue production. Here's what Riddick will wear in the movie. Yes, there's a cape, shoulder pads, and shades. I bet this look is all the rage with ex-criminals who've been exiled on hostile planets. Since the budget for Riddick is way lower than the second movie (I'm guessing $25 million-ish?), expect production values to be more in line with the first movie rather than the second. Diesel is joined by Katee Sackhoff, Karl Urban, and Jordi Molia, with David Twohy returning to direct. Currently, Riddick doesn't have a release date set.

While the domestic box office for the Resident Evil movies have been trending downwards with each subsequent release, that trend is going up for the box office overseas. To put that in perspective, the fourth RE movie Afterlife only made $60 million here, but it made nearly four times that amount overseas ($296 million). The first official picture for the movie shows its star Milla Jovovich gunning, not at zombies, but at humans - something which she will be doing a lot of in the movie. Oh yeah, the first trailer for the movie is out as well. Check it out here.

Hailing from Indonesia, The Raid, directed by Gareth Evans, is impressing nearly everyone who've seen it. In the movie, a SWAT team is sent into a heavily fortified building to bring in a mobster to justice. Needless to say, it's not going to be a ride in the park. Guns, axes, machetes, and other implements of destruction will find its way into a body part or three. The movie is getting an English-language remake, but you can see the original sometime this year courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics. Linkin Park is providing a new soundtrack for the movie.

There are a couple new pictures in The Hunger Games gallery, but here is the latest poster for the movie. Based on Suzanne Collin's novels, The Hunger Games is the first in a trilogy, starring Jennifer Lawrence as a young woman who is forced to participate in televised game where contestants must fight to the death. The script for the second movie, Catching Fire, is currently being worked on by Simon Beaufoy. The Hunger Games will be in theaters on March 23, 2012.

In Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays an assassin whose target is his future self. Don't linger on the plot too much or your head will explode. Bruce Willis, who plays Gordon-Levitt's older self, can be seen here blasting his machine gun into something. Looper will be in theaters later this year on September 28.

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