Paramount Planning a Sequel-Heavy 2016: 'Transformers 5,' 'G.I. Joe 3,' and More


Someday, perhaps, franchises will begin falling out of favor in Hollywood. It won't happen anytime soon, however -- especially not at Paramount, where studio execs used a forum at CineEurope to unveil plans for a very sequel-heavy 2016 slate.

According to International SVP Edward Ryan, the studio's docket includes some follow-ups that were already foregone conclusions (Star Trek 3, Paranormal Activity 5), some that are appearing faster than many of us expected (Transformers 5), and some that seemed to be in limbo or up in the air (G.I. Joe 3, Hansel and Gretel 2).

Add those to a pipeline already clogged with Beverly Hills Cop 4 and Timur Bekmambetov's un-eagerly anticipated Ben-Hur remake, and it's obvious that Paramount won't be asking filmgoers to try much in the way of anything new in 2016. And if you like the sound of that, then good news -- there's even more where that came from, including Terminator 5: Genesis, Mission: Impossible 5, and Friday the 13th 3D. A side of deja vu to go with your popcorn, anyone?

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