"Painted Skin 2" Takes In Another $36.3M in Second Week

Painted Skin II: Resurrection

I think we can hand the all-time Chinese box office crown to “Painted Skin II: Resurrection” sometime this week.

After taking in a record-breaking $47.1M in its first week in China, it topped the charts for a consecutive week with $36.3M. Its total now stands at an otherworldly $83.7M after just eleven days.

The all-time box office champ in China is “Let the Bullets Fly,” which shattered box office records in 2010 with $103M.

“Resurrection” will probably surpass “Bullets” sometime this week.

The original film starred Donnie Yen and was directed by Gordon Chan, but neither returned for the sequel. It was a supernatural love story about a demon who falls in love with a general.

I can’t tell what the sequel’s about by watching the trailer, but it’ll probably center on the love triangle between the general, his wife, and the demon - and lots of action, comedy, seduction, extravagant costumes and special effects.

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