One Direction Concert Doc 'This Is Us' Gets a Full-Length Trailer

One Direction

Morgan Spurlock might be absurdly overqualified to direct a One Direction concert movie, but darn if his background in critically lauded documentaries hasn't served him well when it comes to filming the upcoming 1D: This Is Us.

In fact, while the concept of basing a movie around a boy band with little more than a pair of albums to its name seems patently ridiculous, Spurlock's first full-length This Is Us trailer reminds us that even prefab pop stars have real human stories -- and he seems to have delved right into the heart of the best one each One Direction member has to tell.

This isn't to say that This Is Us will be completely devoid of the celebrity puffery that tends to dominate these things -- the group's patron, Simon Cowell, makes an obligatory appearance in the trailer -- but it definitely looks like Spurlock focused on his subjects as people first and tween heartthrobs second. For example, we see one member's mother reduced to scrawling mash notes to her son due to his heavy touring schedule, and then there's the moment where another one of the guys delivers on a long-ago promise by buying his mom a house. Formula stuff? Maybe, but like any good documentarian, Spurlock makes it feel real.

1D: This Is Us is scheduled to arrive in theaters on August 30.

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