'Non-Stop' Trailer: Liam Neeson Is Free to Kick Butt Around the Cabin


In the spring, it's said that a young man's thoughts turn to love -- but in February, a filmgoer's thoughts turn to Liam Neeson beating the ever-loving tar out of bad guys who need to get what's coming to them, and on February 28, 2014, Neeson's increasingly profitable action-hero personal is making a comeback in Non-Stop.

A reunion with Neeson's Taken director Jaume Collet-Serra, Non-Stop follows the rather high-concept tale of a federal air marshal (Neeson, natch) on a fateful flight during which a mysterious villain texts him to let him know he'll be killing a passenger every 20 minutes. (Bad news for the passengers: It's a transatlantic voyage.)

Now Universal's released this promo clip for the movie, which certainly makes clear that there will be plenty of chop-socky action for those who enjoy that sort of thing, as well as several CGI-enabled shots of airplanes flying through the sky for those who enjoy that sort of thing. Unfortunately, the trailer also manages to give away what appears to be the whole damn movie -- so unless you have no plans at all to see Non-Stop, but would still like to have a general idea of how it starts, continues, and ends, you might want to hit the "pause" button about 30 seconds in.

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