Nick Fury, The Hulk, Loki, and Agent Coulson Review 'The Avengers'; Plus Premiere Videos and Photos

Posted 3:36 PM April 12th, 2012 by Binh Ngo
The Avengers

The Avengers is in the can but we will have to wait until May 4th to see it in theaters. Not so for some of the cast & crew of the movie and some very lucky beat writers. The movie had its world premiere last night and those people were invented to attend. Check out the videos and photos of the event.

So, how's the movie? Since reviews are embargoed until a later date, the beat writers took to Twitter to vent their adoration of The Avengers. Imagine how a bunch of teenage girls would react at the sight of their idol and you'll get a sense of what the reviews are like. Screencrush had already compiled a list of these tweet-reviews, so head on over to read through them.

Below are what some of the cast and industry people thought of the movie.

Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk):
@Avengers For those of you that care, Avengers was great! Delivers on all levels. Humor, Action,story character. Joss Whedon smashes it!

Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury):
@ Avengers Premiere hanging w/ Scar!! Amughphuqqinvengers!!!!! [Ed note: I have no idea what "Amughphuqqinvengers!!!!!" means, but let's assume that translates to "I love this mother**** movie!!!" Yeah, let's go with that. Scar is Scarlett Johansson, by the way.]

Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson):
Leaving the premiere of #avengers with the stunning @JenniferGrey. My one word review: sicktastic

Tom Hiddleston (Loki):
WHOOP! @empiremagazine: We know what you're thinking... we have seen the first big blockbuster of the summer. Our verdict? AVENGERS SMASH! [Ed note: Hiddleston was responding to Empire Mag's review and was not reviewing the movie itself. "WHOOP!" is kind of like "YEAH!"]

Edgar Wright:
'The Avengers' is a big tub of popcorn heaven. A huge grin on my face throughout and much applause from the crowd too. Well done Mr. Whedon.

Seth Green:
So that was AMAZING. Like, double plus awesome. Thank you Joss Whedon for giving us all the #Avengers movie we deserve.

Ed Brubaker:
Avengers was awesome. Felt like Joss Whedon in all the right ways while still feeling like the best of Marvel. It's going to be really huge.

Lev Grossman:
They took away my phone, so I couldn't say this earlier, but wow: The Avengers is very, very good. That was a lot of movie.

Chris Hardwick:
GAHHHHH!!!! Avengers was delightful kick-assery with whipped fun on top!!! Well done Joss et al!

Christos Gage:
So for the a.m. crowd, AVENGERS is everything you ever wanted from a movie like this but feared you'd never see. Joss killed it. Enjoy.

Bradley Steven Perry:
The Avengers was AMAZING!! You guys have got to go see it!

Shay Mitchell:
@michaelalblaney and moi at the 'Avengers' .... The movie was sooo good!!!

Premiere Videos:

Red Carpet video part I:

Red Carpet video part II:

Cobbie Smulders aka Agent Maria Hill:

Jeremy Renner aka Hawkeye:

Director Joss Whedon:

Samuel L. Jackson aka Nick Fury:

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