New in Theaters: 'Tammy,' 'Earth to Echo,' 'Deliver Us from Evil'

Earth to Echo

This Fourth of July weekend represents another cool-down from the summer blockbuster craze, especially after the box office explosion that was last weekend. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will offer any kind of reprieve for people looking for higher quality films; while there are three different releases to redeem the weekend, not one of them was certified fresh.

Our first new release is a Melissa McCarthy comedy, Tammy. The eponymous character decides after an incredibly horrible day—which includes a car accident, getting fired, and discovering her husband has been less than faithful—that she needs to get away for a little while. Unfortunately, since she’s understandably strapped for cash, she has to carpool with her grandmother (Susan Sarandon), who insists on going to Niagara Falls.

Usually, McCarthy’s comedies are fairly well-received by critics; this film, sadly, breaks that trend, at only 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. The script and cinematography sucks all playfulness and potential hilarity from the film; it’s more uncomfortable to watch than anything else. Box Office Guru predicts a weekend gross of approximately $19 million for the film.

Also opening today is Earth to Echo, which may be the first found-footage family film (say that five times fast) to ever be released. The film follows three kids (Teo Halm, Reese C. Hartwig, and Astro) who, after years of friendship, will soon part ways after a highway construction project bulldozes their neighborhood (is this the new Goonies?). Fate intervenes in the form of a strange cell phone signal affecting the three kids’ smart phones. They track down the source to find a strange alien that has crashed on Earth, and is being hunted down by the government (scratch that, it’s the new ET.

This release came the closest to attaining “fresh” status on Rotten Tomatoes at 51%. The film never quite makes the leap from a stereotypical message of “friendship is so great” to a movie with a little more depth; the script plays it safe one too many times, and the film as a whole suffers as a result. The film is estimated to make $12 million over the weekend.

Finally, we round off the weekend’s releases with something decidedly darker than the previous two releases: a based-on-a-true-story horror film, Deliver Us from Evil. Police officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) is called on to investigate a series of disturbing, inexplicable crimes, and when he realizes he is up against something other than your common crook, he teams up with an exorcist (Edgar Ramirez) to confront evil itself.

This film continues the rotten trend this weekend with a Tomatometer rating of 32%. There isn’t anything outstandingly bad about the film—it’s a very typical supernatural horror flick—but that also means there’s nothing special to recommend it, giving a mediocre, forgettable product. It is expected to make around $13 million over the weekend.

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