New in Theaters: 'Robocop,' 'Winter's Tale,' 'About Last Night,' 'Endless Love'


This Valentine’s Day weekend boasts quite the array of new releases, most of them related in some way to the amorous mood of the holiday, be it risqué rom-com humor, century-spanning adventure, or classic star-crossed lovers. And then there’s Robocop.

The hyped-up reboot of the well-known ‘80s sci-fi flick retells the familiar tale of a technology megacorporation that, in the future, seeks to further increase its massive profits by using a valiant police officer (Joel Kinnaman) injured in the line of duty as a test subject for a new program: RoboCop. However, they didn’t bet on the officer’s human sense of justice surviving the process, and not taking kindly to the transformation.

This film is the ultimate mixed bag receiving a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. For an effects-heavy reboot of a hallowed classic film, it’s entertaining enough to watch, but it lacks the punch and thematic elements (such as there are) that made the original a classic. The Box Office Guru predicts weekend earnings of $25 million for the film.

Opening today is Winter’s Tale, an ambitious film based on the novel of the same name. The story is set in a surreal, fantasy-esque New York and spans over a century of miracles, angels, demons, battles between good and evil, and any other transcendental theme that you can think of. The film features such acting talent as Colin Farrell, Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and William Hurt.

The critics of Rotten Tomatoes were distinctly unimpressed, rating the film at only 12%. The plot stumbles and fumbles its way through the film, making sense only to those who are already fans of the book and will be disappointed by the total mishandling of the characters, story, and themes. Still, it may make around $10 million over the weekend.

Also debuting in theaters today is another remake of an older film, About Last Night, a somewhat original take on your basic rom-com. Kevin Hart plays Bernie, who meets a woman named Joan (Regina Hall) at a bar, takes her home, and after a night of drunken romance, attempts to make the relationship last longer than a mere one-night stand.

This is actually the only “fresh” film this weekend, having earned a respectable 75% on the Tomatometer. What it lacks in the nuance of the original it makes up for in sheer raunchy humor, which makes it entertaining enough to merit watching. It’s predicted to earn in the neighborhood of $24 million this weekend.

Finally, there’s Endless Love, a film more in the vein of your typical Valentine’s Day movie fare. It is yet another remake, telling the story of two young lovers (Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde) whose passion for each other burns all the brighter for their parents’ efforts to keep them apart, which inevitably leads to some undesirable consequences.

This film was reamed pretty badly on Rotten Tomatoes as well, earning only 14%. Its plot is so vapid and cliché, it’s being called silly—more forbidden teen romance is not what films need right now. It is projected to earn around $14 million over the weekend.

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