New in Theaters: 'Prometheus', 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted'

Posted 12:14 AM June 8th, 2012 by Binh Ngo

According to Ridley Scott, Prometheus exists because no one -- not James Cameron, not David Fincher, and not even Jean-Pierre Jeunet – answered who that giant space jockey, seen in the first Alien movie, was in the sequels, so he took it upon himself to do just that. While that question may be answered in Prometheus, many more are introduced as well, so be prepared to wait for the sequel(s) to have those answered. Hopefully, it won't be decades between movies.

Despite this connection, don't expect Prometheus to be an Alien movie, meaning there won't be any xenomorphs bursting through the chest cavities of any crew members, although there are other creatures causing their demise. I will say this without trying to spoil too much of the movie though: Prometheus and Alien exist in the same universe, just during different times.

With an ambitious movie like Prometheus, especially when the movie left so many open question along with a few head-scratchers, some people are not going to like it, as its 73% Tomatometer at Rotten Tomatoes shows.

The critics, generally, loved the movie's visuals, but some of them have trouble with the muddled narrative, especially during the final third of the movie where things felt rushed. Despite that, the movie is expected to have a big opening weekend with a projected take of somewhere in the $51-$57 million range at the box office.

In Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, the zoo animals who are trying to get back to their home in New York finally made their way to Europe. To escape notice, they tried to blend in with a traveling circus that is making its way to where they want to go. Hilarity ensues?

With a Tomatometer of 76%, Madagascar 3 is one of those rare movies where it is better reviewed than its predecessors (55% for Madagascar and 65% for Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa). Critics say the third installment is frantic, but it's snappy and funny enough to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Madagascar 3 is projected to have a good weekend at the box office as well, making somewhere in the $49-$55 million range.

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