New in Theaters: 'Playing for Keeps', 'Hyde Park on Hudson'

Posted 9:04 AM December 7th, 2012 by Logan Falk
Playing for Keeps

This week’s new releases have been ill-received by critics—the two larger releases, Playing for Keeps and Hyde Park on Hudson, were mercilessly lambasted before their release this Friday.

Playing for Keeps is standard romantic comedy fare—a down-and-out former soccer star (played by Gerard Butler, who is also arguably down and out, given his movie slump after 300) heads home to reconcile with his son, offering to coach his soccer team, and is the target of the attentions of every soccer mom in the vicinity.

Rotten Tomatoes condemned the film with a 0% rating—the movie, according to several critics, is aimless and underwhelming, despite a star-studded cast (the movie also features Jessica Biel, Dennis Quaid, Uma Thurman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones). It is unsurprising, then, that the rom-com is only predicted to gross $4.5-$5.4 million on its opening weekend (

Coming out on the heels of the immensely successful Lincoln, Hyde Park on Hudson similarly tells of one of America’s most famous presidents—Franklin Delano Roosevelt, played by Bill Murray—as they face a turning point in the nation’s history; here, a visit from Britain’s royalty to entreat the US to enter World War II.

While certainly not a zero, the film’s score of 45% on Rotten Tomatoes certainly isn’t favorable—while critics admit that Murray’s performance was enjoyable, they claim that the rest of the film is less than engaging, and frankly, boring. The film is not in wide release, so hard numbers for its opening weekend are up in the air—given its reception, however, prognosis does not look good.

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