New in Theaters: 'One Direction: This is Us,' 'Getaway,' 'Closed Circuit'


This weekend brings in three new releases that, unfortunately, don't have a lot to offer most audiences--the best-rated film entering theaters has a very narrow range of appeal, and the other two releases have not fared very well under the eye of critical scrutiny. Most people heading to theaters this weekend will probably opt for holdover films, rather than these new releases.

Coming out today is the biographical film of a music group that is more than a household name--they are known to just about everyone who lives somewhere other than under a rock, for better or worse: One Direction: This is Us. The film deals with the rapid rise to fame of the famous boy band, woven with concert footage and words from the boys themselves.

The film scored an impressive (and arguably surprising) 72% on the Tomatometer. While the film obviously doesn't hold a lot of appeal for those who aren't fans (or "Directioners," if you prefer), it is a charming enough documentary, and will get plenty of viewership from loyal fans. The Box Office Guru predicts a weekend gross of $17 million for the Fab Five.

Also opening today is an action film that is best described as Fast and Furious meets Taken: Getaway, the story of a washed-up former race car driver (Ethan Hawke) whose wife is kidnapped, prompting him to get behind the wheel of a stolen custom sports car and drag the car's owner (Selena Gomez) along on a desperate gambit to save his beloved.

The folks at Rotten Tomatoes were most definitely not impressed--the film is currently rated at only 2%. The film is a dizzying montage of chase scenes and violent car crashes, with not a bit of plot, character development, or dialogue to justify it. Accordingly, the film can only expect around $7 million over the weekend.

Finally, Wednesday introduced us to another thriller, Closed Circuit, which tells of a court case for a terrorist responsible for a bombing in London involving ultra-classified documents, a secret trial, and two ex-lovers (Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall) pushed together to make sense of the madness.

This film didn't fare a whole lot better than Getaway, as the critics of Rotten Tomatoes gave it only 43%. The film calls for tense chemistry between the leads, but the script--which is full of plot holes, and dull at times--doesn't allow for this to happen. The film may debut to $3 million over the weekend.

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