New in Theaters: 'The Great Gatsby,' 'Peeples'

Posted 8:53 AM May 10th, 2013 by Logan Falk
The Great Gatsby

This week brings us an interesting bundle of new releases—one is a film adaptation of a classic novel about the excess and waste of the Jazz Age, while another is one in a seemingly endless stream of formulaic, generic comedies from Tyler Perry. It’ll be an interesting weekend, if nothing else.

Coming out today is The Great Gatsby, the latest adaptation of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. The film follows the protagonist, Nick Garroway, as he moves to New York City and becomes entangled in a world of decadence, love, obsession, crime, and tragedy.

Critics were, as they always seem to be, unimpressed—the film sits at 45% on the Tomatometer. The film, according to critics, nailed the glitzy visuals of the era; however, it sounds as if the social commentary that gave the book its fame is not present in the film to a significant degree, ironically making it as empty, but visually stunning as the time that Fitzgerald satirized in the novel. Nevertheless, HSX predicts a respectable range of $33-$40 million for its weekend gross.

Also entering theaters today is Peeples, yet another B-list Tyler Perry film. This one follows a man who is thinking of proposing to his girlfriend, and to do so, crashes his girlfriend’s family reunion, which is full of judgmental, high-standards relatives who are unconvinced of the man’s worth. Needless to say, the man does everything he can to prove himself, and hijinks ensue.

Rotten Tomatoes currently rates the film at 39%. Critics threw around such words as “bland,” “cliché,” “confused,” and “disposable”—if they are to be believed, this does not make for a promising movie. Weekend revenues are predicted to be between $10.5 million and $14.5 million.

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