New in Theaters: 'A Good Day to Die Hard,' 'Safe Haven,' 'Beautiful Creatures,' 'Escape from Planet Earth'

A Good Day to Die Hard

We’ve a sizeable batch of new releases this week—and between an action film sequel, a dramatic romance, a mystical-young-adult-book-turned-movie, and a cutesy animated film, there’s something for everyone, provided you’re not too choosy about film quality.

Yesterday, the aging former cop and action hero John McClane returned to the big screen yet again in A Good Day to Die Hard; this time, he’s taking on the challenge of stopping an all-out war from breaking out between Russia and the US with his CIA-trained son.

If this all sounds ill-contrived and cliché, you’re right—Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 15%; most action films can’t survive one sequel, let alone four, without getting tired and unoriginal. Nevertheless, HSX puts its weekend profits at $38-$42 million.

Yesterday also gave us Safe Haven, the latest in the series of Nicholas Sparks books made into movies. This one features a young woman with a dark past who moves into a small town in North Carolina, finds love against all odds, and contends with tragedy and sacrifice.

Sound familiar? Rotten Tomatoes thinks so—critics say the film is predictable, formulaic, and ultimately, forgettable, earning the release a 12%. Its weekend gross is estimated to be between $19 million and $23 million.

Our final Valentine’s Day release was Beautiful Creatures, another romantically-flavored movie set in a small town in the South; rather than trite tragedy, however, this film offers a supernatural twist, as well as dark secrets buried in the past. The Tomatometer was a little bit nicer to this film, giving it a 46%; while there is appeal in the sometimes-campy performances and the coming-of-age nuance of the film, critics say it is clearly another bid to recreate the supernatural romance phenomena that the Twilight series kicked off. Opening weekend-revenues for this film are estimated at $14.5 million to $23 million.

Finally, coming out today is Escape from Planet Earth , an animated sci-fi yarn about alien astronauts marooned on Earth, and trying to escape.
While not exactly masterpiece material, it outdid all of the other releases in ratings: Rotten Tomatoes currently gives the film a 50%; it’s cheesy, and a little formulaic, but fun, which is apparently more than can be said for any of this week’s other new releases. Its weekend gross is estimated at $14-$20 million.

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