New in Theaters: 'Godzilla,' 'Million Dollar Arm'

Posted 10:11 PM May 16th, 2014 by Logan Falk
Million Dollar Arm

This is a good weekend for new releases: today sees the rebirth of a legendary franchise, as well as a feel-good Disney film based on a true story. The best part?
Both films are certified fresh (if only just), which is a real rarity.

Opening today is the return of a legend; an icon in monster movies, perhaps even the progenitor of the genre: Godzilla. The titanic monster is reborn in incredible modern-day CGI, stomping his way through cities, monsters, and the comparably small human drama unfolding below.

The film received a respectable 73% from Rotten Tomatoes, an impressive rating for an action-heavy film. While the film may owe some of its success to hype, the impressive visuals and the balance of violent action with the human storyline certainly didn’t hurt. The Box Office Guru predicts as much as $68 million for the titanic reptile over the weekend.

And now for something completely different—namely, Disney’s Million Dollar Arm. The film is based on the true story of JB Bernstein (Jon Hamm), an honest sports agent falling by the wayside in an era of fast-talking businessmen. To save his livelihood, he embarks on an interesting enterprise—trying to draft the first and greatest Indian baseball pitcher via an eponymous televised contest.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction; in any case, the film managed a favorable Tomatometer rating by the skin of its teeth, earning a 60%. No new ground is being broken, no risks taken, but with a winning cast and a feel-good script, it’s hard to go too wrong. Accordingly, the film may make around $14 million in the next few days.

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