New in Theaters: 'Carrie,' 'Escape Plan,' 'The Fifth Estate'

The Fifth Estate

This week offers moviegoers an interesting combination of three new releases: a reboot of a classic horror film, adapted from a similarly classic horror novel; yet another action film outlet for the midlife crises of aging action stars; and a controversial, dramatic thriller based on a real story. Diverse as this batch is, there is one commonality between the three films—a general mediocrity, according to critics.

Coming out today is the reboot of the film based on Stephen King’s iconic first novel: Carrie. Chloe Grace Moretz plays the title character in the classic tale of the traumatized teenager that is pushed too far by her psychotic mother (Julianne Moore) and her ruthless classmates, and unleashes forces she cannot control.

The folks over at Rotten Tomatoes rated the film at 51%. While the cast do wonders with their roles, they are pinioned by a script that plays it safe with a story that’s already been done. The Box Office Guru predicts $24 million for the film over the weekend.

Also opening today is a joint effort between former action stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Escape Plan. Stallone plays defense contractor Ray Breslin, who takes on a final job before retirement: attempt to break out of an über-fortified prison. This sterling plan inevitably leads to Breslin being tricked into imprisonment, where he enlists the aid of fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) to escape.

It probably comes as no surprise that this film also received a mediocre rating on the Tomatometer: 46%. It’s ultimately what you would expect from this film—action, action, and more action, but not much else. The film might make $11 million over the weekend.

Finally, our third new release today is The Fifth Estate. The film is based on the infamous controversy over the WikiLeaks website, and the unfolding drama surrounding its founders, Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Daniel Brühl).

One would think that a serious, profound film would win the day in the ratings arena, but this is not so—this film pulled in the lowest rating at 40% from Rotten Tomatoes. The script fails to capture the intensity and drama surrounding the actual events the film portrays, and is saved due only to the prowess of Benedict Cumberbatch. Accordingly, it’s expected to earn only $6 million this weekend.

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