New in Theaters: ‘Mama,’ ‘Broken City,’ ‘The Last Stand’

Broken City

This week’s batch of new releases is looking especially grim, both in terms of subject matter (revenge, violence, horror, and crime are popular themes this week), and ratings, unfortunately.

Opening today is another suspense-horror film from the twisted mind of Guillermo del Toro: Mama. The film tells of two little girls recently discovered in the woods who had disappeared after their parents’ deaths years previous, and the dark presence that followed them out of the woods.

Critics on Rotten Tomatoes were rather divided; some say the film was haunting, complex, and intriguing, while others maintain that it was ill-contrived, and sported an underwhelming script. Despite the difference in opinion, the film clings to a "fresh" rating of 62%, and is predicted to earn between $18.5 million and $20 million over the weekend, according to HSX.

Also coming out in theaters today is Broken City, a crime-revenge thriller about a corrupt town run by an even more corrupt mayor, who frames an ex-cop who is out for revenge.

Rotten Tomatoes was not impressed; the film was given a 24% on the grounds that it is trite and predictable, with little originality or thought. Its weekend gross is put at $15-$17 million.

Last, and quite possibly least, we have The Last Stand, the long-prophesied return of famed action start Arnold Schwarzenegger. In this film, he plays a cop in a small town near the U.S.-Mexico border, which happens to be the last American town between an escaped, hostage-toting drug lord and the border. Needless to say, the town’s police force takes issue with this escape, and violence ensues.

This formulaic shoot-‘em-up received a 54% on the Tomatometer; it is safe entertainment for violent action film fans, but tedious for just about anybody else. It is projected to make between $12.6 million and $14 million this weekend.

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