New Feature: Find Out Which Movies Are Most Liked by Facebook Users; "Ted" Has More Likes Than "The Dark Knight Rises"


Studios have been creating Facebook pages for each of their movies and marketing those pages on their marketing materials. What they’re after are our “likes.” We thought it might be interesting to track the number of “likes” a movie’s Facebook page receives on a daily basis, so we’re launching a new feature called the Popcorn Index, in which the “likes” is just one of the components. It's part of the header menu after "Industry News." Now, we can slice and dice the figures to come up with social media trends for the movie industry.

We started tracking Facebook pages for movies that opened since May 10th, so if one wants, one can browse through each daily chart all the way back to beginning of the summer movie season. Lots of big movies have opened since then: “Marvel’s The Avengers,” “Ted,” and “The Dark Knight Rises” just to name a few. How do they stack up in terms of the number of likes? Before we get into that, let’s do a brief explanation of the features on the charts.


Each chart has seven columns:

  • RNK: today’s rank
  • YDA: yesterday’s rank
  • Movie Title: click on it for a history of daily likes added for that title
  • Today: likes added today
  • Yesterday: likes added yesterday
  • Change: from yesterday to today
  • Total Likes

Each of those columns can be sorted in descending or ascending order by clicking on their links. The default is ascending, but clicking on it again will reverse the sorting order.


Sequels tend to use the same Facebook page to take advantage of the number of existing users who have already liked one of the films. All three Twilight films use the same Facebook page (which has already accumulated about 35M likes). Ditto for “The Expendables 2” and “Step Up: Revolution.” Why create another page and start from scratch when you’ve already accumulated millions of existing users?

It’s a similar deal for “Katy Perry: Part of Me.” Katy Perry just converted her page to market the film. She already has about 46M fans on Facebook, so why start from scratch by creating another page?

Both instances make sense from a marketing point of view, but makes tracking the popularity of those films tricky. It makes those films seem way more popular than they actually are.

Just be aware of these two issues when you browse the charts. The Katy Perry movie isn’t really that popular.


I think the first thing that people want to know is if they can predict the opening weekend box office by looking at these figures. The short answer is no, but it’s another data point box office analysts can use. It may be stating the obvious to say that, generally speaking, popular films tend to have the most total likes.

I’ve also noticed that there are spikes when there’s a big news regarding a particular film. For instance, “The Hobbit” jumped all the way from 40th to 3rd on July 26th in the daily rankings when it was announced that a third film was planned.


If we exclude “Katy Perry” and “Twilight” because of the exceptions mentioned above, then “Titanic” is, by far, the film with the most “likes” ($27.7M) of films released in recent months. Remember “Titanic” was re-released in April of this year. That makes sense since “Titanic” is the second highest-grossing film of all time in the U.S. What about “Avatar,” the top-grossing film of all time? We’re not tracking it because it’s not a recent release. If we were tracking it, then it would be number one with about 33M likes.

In terms of the number of daily “likes” added, “Titanic” used to rule the charts until recently. “The Dark Knight Rises” was tops for a week since it opened on July 20th. For some reason, “Ted” ended “The Dark Knight Rises” reign and started dominating the charts since July 31st.

So there you have it. More charts for film fans who like numbers. Check it out and let us know what you think. We’re open to suggestions.

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