Morgan Spurlock Debuts First Trailer for One Direction Documentary '1D3D'


Still haven't wrapped your head around the news that Super Size Me director Morgan Spurlock's next project will be a behind-the-scenes look at boy band phenoms One Direction (in 3D, no less)? Yeah, we're right there with you. But this thing is really happening, as evidenced by the first trailer for the freshly christened 1D3D.

If this snippet is anything to go on, Spurlock won't be bringing anything new to the rock-doc genre -- which might not be such a bad thing, really; like the inspirational sports drama and the romantic comedy, the concert film is a type of movie with tight formula restrictions -- and ones that tend to yield fairly potent results in the right hands. No one's here to argue that Spurlock is on par with Martin Scorsese or Jonathan Demme, but he's a smart filmmaker with a definite point of view, both of which should serve him well as he attempts to give viewers an in-depth (yet still presumably controversy-free) look at the lives of the hysteria-inducing tween heartthrobs.

Or it could just be a cash grab from a director who's probably earned the right to a paycheck gig. Either way, we're sure the group's fans are hyperventilating over the following minute and 52 seconds:

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