Massive 3D Debut in China Pushes "Jurassic Park" Past $1B in Worldwide Box Office

Posted 11:53 AM August 26th, 2013 by Senh Duong
Jurassic Park

Last week, I mentioned how the 3D re-release of Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” in China will eventually push the film past $1B in total worldwide gross.

Well, it only took six days. The sci-fi thriller debuted with a massive $6.6M when it opened on August 20th. As of Sunday, six days after its opening, “Jurassic Park” took in $28.8M, pushing its worldwide total to $1B.

Yesterday, August 25th, was the day it went past one billion dollars.

TheWrap erroneously reported that this feat was reached before its 3D debut in China. Their writer Todd Cunningham wrote, “The original Jurassic Park took in roughly $970 million in worldwide grosses when it debuted in 1993.”

Wrong. It made $914M during its original release. The $970M had already included the gross from the recent 3D re-release before its China debut.

Cunningham continues with, “If you add in the grosses from the re-release -- and most box-office tracking services don't -- the total comes to $1.03 billion.”

Wrong again. Most box-office services do count the revenue from the re-release into the total. By adding the gross from the 3D re-release to that Cunningham double counted.

I only mentioned this because Empire Magazine’s website picked up The Wrap’s incorrect article and published it on their site as well. And I just can’t stand two high-trafficked sites spreading the wrong information.

Here’s Ray Subers from to clear everything up: “Jurassic Park 3D expanded into China this week and earned an excellent $28.8 million through its first six days... To date, Jurassic Park 3D has earned $44.5 million overseas, which brings its worldwide total to $89.9 million. Adding in the $914 million the movie grossed in its original 1993 run makes Jurassic Park the 17th movie ever to earn over $1 billion worldwide.”

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