Marlon Wayans: “If I can make a young white man call out “Oh no, he di’int,” then I’ve done something."


Marlon Wayans comes from a family with a great track record in entertainment, but among the large and talented group, the man behind "Baby Way Productions" seems to identify as a small fry. Or at least, a horny, adolescent fry.

A Haunted House is Wayan's newest comedy and it's an extension of his horror spoof franchise, Scary Movie with fewer protective instincts--this one takes the gloves off before the jokes fly. Wayans is the first to admit the horror genre has gone moldy (see how he rates the Paranormals), and he figures if it’s already that far gone, he can play dirty, and he wasn't going to pass up the opportunity. We all know these trends will cycle back, and when they do, I won't be surprised to see a Wayans in the mix.

(Note: I hadn't seen Django Unchained when I conducted this interview, but even if I had I couldn't have guessed what a "Mandingo Party" was.)

MoviesWithButter: Exactly how much porn do you prescribe audiences watch to get the vocab in A Haunted House?
Marlon Wayans: We all watch it. Some of us don’t admit it but I think all of us have seen enough porn to get these jokes.

MwB: If you hadn’t shown me in your movie, I’d never have guessed what a “Mandingo Party” was.
MW: Tell you what: you can try any of the stuff you want. We don’t even have to know about it! You know you want to try a Mandingo Party. Looks kinda interesting? You know where that came from? My producer and me read about it in Details Magazine. These old white couples hire these young, buff, black guys to have sex with their wives and they get off on it. The swinger couple in the movie came from people I know in LA. It’s debased, immoral and f*cking crazy, half the stuff in this movie, but I love it. It’s from a sick and twisted little mind and half of it, my brother said, “You can’t do that!” and if it was him doing it, he’d do it differently, but I did what I wanted and I’m proud of that. And I’m proud when I hear the laughs and it’s not just black people laughing, it’s white people laughing and women, older people and younger people. It’s sporadic laughter; there’s something for everyone in the movie. I’ve watched it play seven times and it’s consistent. Audiences like it.

MwB: Why is found footage horror so easy to make fun of?
MW: Nothing is easy to make fun of, it’s all hard, but with any genre you make fun of, you’re a fan first and then the bad ones (movies) come along. The first two Paranormals were good. The third was like I stepped in a piece of shit and the fourth was like I dragged the shit around my house and smeared it all over my brand new carpet. Now, everyone and their momma wants to make theirs a found footage movie. It just started getting bad and weird. You throw all that together and now you have a story, and the things you’ll lampoon here and there, and you have your matrix of characters, and see your common denominators…then you do a lot of math. The key is to make it look like anyone could do it but it’s never easy to do. Really not everybody can do it. If you look at Vampire Sucks, you’ll see not everybody can do it. Disaster Movie…it’s not a good movie. Airplane is genius. Epic Movie, not so good. There’s the good, the bad and the ugly and hopefully I fall somewhere in between—or have a little of everything in there.

Coming up next: Wayans stars with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in their upcoming comedy, The Heat. The film’s directed by Paul Feig and Wayans plays Sandra Bullock’s love interest. Wayans says: “We don’t have sex in the movie, we don’t even kiss, but in my mind, we did some filthy things.”

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