'Lovelace' Trailer Thinks 'Deep' Thoughts


You've really got to work to make a biopic about the star of Deep Throat that feels in no way titillating, but let's give directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman a round of applause, because that seems to be exactly what they've created with Lovelace -- at least based on the evidence of the movie's first full-length trailer.

In fact, legendary fellatio subplot aside, this clip makes Lovelace out to be a particularly gripping (and unapologetically nasty) drama about a small-town girl's descent into darkness via a marriage gone awry and a career in porn that's spiraled out of control. And while Hollywood morality plays are a dime a dozen, Lovelace seems to be securely grounded with a series of solid performances -- not least from Amanda Seyfried, who plays the film's real-life subject Linda Lovelace with a mixture of naivete, enthusiastic sexuality, and slowly dawning horror. (It's a pretty tricky combination.)

Although initial reviews have been mixed, they've mostly come from festival showings; a broader spectrum of audiences and critics will have a chance to judge Lovelace for themselves when it arrives in U.S. theaters on August 9.

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