A Lot of Users on Rotten Tomatoes Sure Want to See "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

One of the movies I’m looking forward to is “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” It’s the first of the Seth Grahame-Smith novels to make it to the big screen. “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” seems to be in development hell at Lionsgate. Although Grahame-Smith recently said it depends on how “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” does. No pressure.

If you’re gonna make a movie about an Axe-welding, vampire hunting, ass-kicking Abraham Lincoln, “Wanted” director Timur Bekmambetov is well-suited for the job. After all, he did make two Russian supernatural thrillers - “Night Watch” and “Day Watch” - before his American debut with Angelina Jolie.

Pairing him with Tim Burton, my favorite director, in a producing role is just icing on the cake. Grahame-Smith also worked on the screenplay for Burton’s previous film “Dark Shadows.”

I’m curious to see how this will turn out. The trailer looks like a fun action movie with vampires and a Tim Burton color scheme. With a title like ““Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” the trailer is what I imagine the movie would be like.

I checked the “Want to See” figure on Rotten Tomatoes - and nearly 114K have voted! I’ve never seen that figure so high before. I’ve only seen it in the 30K range before a movie opens. “The Hunger Games” and “Prometheus” were both in that range. Now, I’m wondering if “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” is just some sort of anomaly, or do we have a surprise hit on our hands.

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