Lin Shaye Promises Elise's Hidden Past In Insidious: Chapter 3

Insidious: Chapter 2

Lin Shaye attended the Saturn Awards to present awards to winning horror film The Conjuring and winning Young Actor Chloe Grace Moretz for Carrie. On the red carpet, I spoke to Shaye about the news that Dermot Mulroney was joining the cast for Insidious: Chapter 3. Shaye was excited to welcome him, but also told me that the third chapter would reveal much more about her character, the psychic and now spirit herself, Elise.

“Without giving anything away on this one, you learn more about Elise in this story which is really exciting because the first two films, you don’t really know too much about her other than how she’s coming to be a bit of a savior for these people and that she’s a psychic,” Shaye said. “Here you learn more about her personal life a little bit.”

In Insidious: Chapter 2, Lindsay Seim played the young Elise. Shaye said Seim is not returning, because Shaye herself can portray the new information we’ll learn. “No, she’s not back. It’s not that far back. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything. It fills out a lot of details about the people we know.”

Since the Insidious films play in two realms, there’s no guarantee Shaye would share scenes with her new costar. She confirmed she would be working with Mulroney.

“I have a lot of stuff with him. He and the girl mostly, really. He and his daughter. He’s a wonderful actor. The young actress, Stephanie Scott who’s playing his daughter, is also a beautiful young actress.”

She met Mulroney and her other new costar just the night before the Saturn Awards, at the home of writer Leigh Whannell, who will be making his directorial debut. “Leigh is excited. We actually had a little movie night at his house last night. He showed The Shining outside. Everyone came over. I had never met Dermot before so it was a nice intro to beginning work on the film which is next week.”

Insidious: Chapter 3 is out April 3, 2015.

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