Ka-Boom! "Ip Man 3" Opens to $24M Friday, Heading for $70M Weekend [China Box Office]

Donnie Yen in "Ip Man 3"

“Ip Man 3” just ended “The Mermaid’s” three-week reign atop the box office in China on Friday with a $24.3M opening, which includes $1M from midnight screenings. Depending on word-of-mouth and how front-loaded the martial arts film is, it’s looking at a huge $70M opening for the entire three-day weekend.

“Ip Man 3” is directed by Wilson Yip, stars Donnie Yen, features Mike Tyson as a villain, and has Yuen Woo-Ping choreographing the film’s many outstanding fight scenes.

For Yen, the opening day figure beats his previous high of $20M by “The Monkey King,” which opened in 2014 during the Chinese New Year holidays, the most lucrative moviegoing month for the region. That “Ip Man 3” accomplished this feat in the traditionally slow month of March makes this achievement even more impressive. “The Monkey King” eventually finished its run with $168M, which “Ip Man 3” now has a great chance of reaching, if not surpassing.

Before the film opened in China, there were some concerns that delaying the film’s release two months after the film had already opened in neighboring countries might jeopardize the film’s box office performance because of online piracy. I guess now those concerns were unwarranted.

In my previous article about “Ip Man 3,” I wrote that the film needs to make $50M total in China to break even. At its current pace, it’ll do that in just two days.

“Ip Man 2” grossed $30M in 2010 during its entire theatrical run. The third entry will do a whole lot more than that.

“Ip Man 4” just went from “very likely” to definitely.

Yen's latest didn’t have much direct competition this weekend, opening against Disney Animation’s critically-acclaimed “Zootopia.” The animated feature pulled in $3.4M on Friday and is looking at a weekend gross in the $10M-$15M range.

UPDATE: Here's the updated figure for the whole weekend for "Ip Man 3."

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