JoBlo's Mike Sampson Launches A Shiny New Entertainment Site

Posted 11:22 PM April 5th, 2012 by Senh Duong

Mike Sampson, who used to write for, launched a new site called It’s an entertainment content site covering movies, tv, and celebrities. It’s very slick and nicely designed. I love the logo.

It’s interesting to see writers from established homegrown sites like (Drew McWeeny), (Devin Faraci), and (Mike Sampson) go out on their own ventures. The results so far are shinier and cleaner.

Drew McWeeny (formerly of launched about three and a half years ago. It has became one of the bigger online entertainment sites with about 285,000 monthly unique visitors in the U.S., according to Devin Faraci ( launched about one and a half years ago. It has about 67,000 monthly unique U.S. visitors. Both traffic figures are for the month of February.

It’s interesting to note that despite their growth, their previous sites haven’t gotten any smaller. There seems to be room for more. Despite the fact that they cover similar news stories, each have their own perspectives on them. They’re not just regurgitating trade news from Variety and Hollywood Reporter. Most of them even break stories ahead of the trades.

Mike Sampson’s ScreenCrush is more similar to HitFix than BadassDigest. Both of them seem to cover the same channels: movies and tv. HitFix also covers music while ScreenCrush covers celebrities.

Good luck to Mike Sampson and his new site It’s good to see new blood in this field.

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