Jason Blum Talks Insidious/Sinister Director Shakeups, More Purges

Jason Blum

While Jason Blum has a virtual monopoly on the most successful horror movies, some of his staple directors are moving on. After directing The Fast and the Furious 7, James Wan left the Insidious franchise in the hands of screenwriter Leigh Whannell. Blum still expects he can convince Wan to make another horror movie for him, joking that it could be as soon as Insidious 4. However, he was glad Whannell was waiting in the wings.

“I wanted James to direct and he said no,” Blum said. “After James said no, Leigh was definitely our first choice. We wanted James to direct Insidious 3. He turned us down. He will be directing horror again soon.”

To be clear, Insidious 4 was a joke. “No, he’s not doing Insidious 4, but something.”

Then Sinister director Scott Derrickson decided not to direct the sequel. Ciaran Foy will direct Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill’s script to Sinister 2. Derrickson landed the job directing Doctor Strange for Marvel.

“Sinister 2, same thing with James, I wanted him to write and direct it. I got half my wish. He wrote it with Cargill but he’s producing it with me, so he’s pretty active producing it. I’ve talked to him two times today about it. We’re about to announce who we cast in the lead of the movie and he’s going to be on set, so he’s a pretty active producer. Ciaran’s terrific.”

Blum is also producing a new Amityville movie for writer/director Franck Khalfoun. Blum confirmed it is not a found footage version of The Amityville Horror. “No, Amityville is traditionally shot,” Blum said.

Nor is Amityville based on the Lutz family who were the subject of the 1979 and 2005 movies. “It’s a departure. It’s not inspired. It’s not a retelling of the original Amityville story. That’s all I’m saying. What we did with Amityville is I sat down with Frank and I said, ‘I’m excited to do this because everyone is really cynical about it and thinks it’s going to be terrible. I like being the underdog, so let’s do it.’ But I said, ‘Let’s do something that will be completely unexpected because everyone’s walking into it rolling their eyes.’ You’ll tell me on January 3rd if we did that, but I think we came up with something.”

This friday, the sequel The Purge: Anarchy opens. If it does well, Blum already has ideas for more Purge movies. “I have two ideas that I’d like to be in the third Purge. I don’t know if we’ll get to make either one of them, but I’d love to do a Purge about the revolutionaries, and I’d love to do a Purge about the first time the Purge took place, the first year of the Purge. Movie one is year five, movie two is year six. I’d like to do the first, do a prequel and bring Ethan back to life, but we don’t have a plan definitely at all. But I hope we get to make it. I hope a lot of people go see the movie this weekend. Then we will make it.”

To be clear, Blum is just speculating. If he makes subsequent Purge movies, they’ll each get their own script. “They’re not going to be number 3 or 4. Those are my things I’d like to do. We don’t know what 3 or 4 are going to be.”

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